I don´t know about the man in your house- but mine does not really care for cosmetic. But as a Beauty Blogger I thought, it is time for some men´s cosmetic for the man in this house! ;-) Of course it had to be cruelty free as well. 

Here is what I got him for Valentine´s Day (it arrived unfortunately 2 days later- grrr!): The Every Man Jack Natural Shave Gift set. The razor alone cost $29.99 but Target has this awesome gift set that includes the razor, 4 blade cartridges, shave gel, face lotion and a cosmetic bag for the same price! I could not resist!

My husband and me both love the design of the razor- it looks sleek and elegant and feels sturdy (it´s stainless steel not some cheap plastic after all!). The little stand is genius as well and my husband loves the chrome look. Even the cosmetic looks "manly" and does not make the bathroom look cheap (so he does not have to hide it in the cabinet under the sink lol).

My husband was also impressed by the shaving capability of the razor- with six (your heard right: 6!!!) fine, high grade stainless steel blades this razor gave him an outstanding "close to the skin shave". 

Well, what I did not really see when I ordered this set was, that the cosmetic was for sensitive skin (which my man does not have) and therefore it was fragrance free. That was a bummer because I really wanted something that smells fresh for him! Unfortunately the gift set comes always with the fragrance free cosmetic- but just take it as a free gift because - like I said before- the razor alone costs the same! ;-)

I am actually quite curious, how the cosmetic smells that has fragrance included (Cedarwood or Sandalwood sound appealing!).

Anyhow, still a great deal for the Every Man Jack Natural Shave gift set that I can recommend to you for the men in your house! 

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