Hottest New Fitness Trends 2016

I am really happy with my gym, because it always tries to stay on top of things and just introduced us to 2 brand new classes. 

Fitness is so important, at any age! Stay healthy and strong and pick your favorite workout. If you don´t like to join a gym, you can even buy these tools and do your workout at the convenience of your own home.


Not new at my gym but I wanted to mention it anyway because TRX is amazeballs! It is such a different training from everything else. Best workout to train your wiggly triceps. I think TRX is great at any age because you are the one that decides, how "low" you want to go (see pic above). Anybody could do this and you will get stronger in no time. One of my faves! It´s crazy how hard a plank is with these (for that you stick your feet into the handles!)


Just launched at my local gym is a new class called "Pound". It´s basically green plastic drumsticks. 2 hot girls (Kirsten Potenza & Christina Peerenboom) invented this workout. They are actually really coming from the music scene and then had this idea of creating a workout with drumsticks. This is super fun! You can not believe, how creative the movements are. But: you must enjoy Hard Rock or you won´t have fun. I got sore on my thighs after one class (which I love cause then I know I did something!!!)

Kirsten Potenza & Christina Peerenboom

STEP 360

Also new at my gym is the Step 360- this is almost like a mix of the Step and the Bosu. 2 red half balls with a little platform on top. Do I like it? To be honest: no! It depends a little on your instructor, what kind of exercises they do. If it is stationery workouts I have no problem- but the real workout here is cardio and the crazy fast speed really annoys me. The platform feels very wiggly (I find it worse then the Bosu) and I am really scared that I hurt my ankle.  Hopefully nobody will get injured with this one. Not so happy about this new trend!

What is your favorite workout?

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