It is unusual cold in Florida (in the 50s!) and I like to stay healthy! Here are 6 of my favorite natural cold remedies!

1. Walk outside everyday! 

What doesn´t kill you, makes you stronger!. Even if it is freezing, we need to get out of the house and get that fresh air into our bodies! The oxygen will help us stay healthy and strong!

2. Lot´s and lot´s of Vitamin C

No matter if you eat oranges, squeeze that lemon into your tea or just get some Vitamin C powder and sprinkle it in a glass of water. Vitamin C is the best antioxidant to stay healthy during the winter season!

3. Sprouts Cold Remedy

I love this stuff! Sprouts Cold Remedy contains Echinacea and other herbs that boost the immune system and keep the cold virus from multiplying. Take one dropper 2-3 times daily. Chances are that within a few hours, you will forget that you even felt a cold coming on beforehand. If cold symptoms are already present, start by taking one dropper immediately and then repeat every 4 hours. It tastes like sweet herbs- actually pretty yummy!

4. Tea & Honey

Get your body nice and warm with lot´s of tea. My favorite is Vanilla Rooibos tea. Add some (real) honey because honey contains antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that fight against the cold virus or bacteria. Honey also helps to soothe a sore or scratchy throat naturally and relieves irritation. It boosts the immune system, which reduces the severity of cold and also prevents future colds and other viruses.

5. Onions & Sugar Syrup

An old cough syrup recipe from my mom is as simple and effective as it can be: cut an onion small and put it into a cup. Then pour a lot of sugar on top. Let it sit a couple hours. The liquid of the onion will drain out and you can drink the solution. Sounds maybe yucky, but it actually does not taste as bad as you think (the sugar helps of course). This soothes a sour throat amazingly!!!

6. Natural Vapor Rub

Whip your own vapor rub! Super easy! Mix together: coconut oil (1/4 cup),  shea butter (1/4 cup), eucalyptus essential oil (20-25 drops), peppermint essential oil (20-25 drops) and lavender essential oil (10-15 drops). No cooking required and no nasty chemicals included!

Stay healthy! ;-)

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