3 Products that did not work for me!

On my way into a cruelty free lifestyle I have been introduced to many wonderful brands that I would never know if I would not have chosen to go cruelty free. But not all products always work as I like them to. It´s not that I hate these 3 products but they simply weren´t good enough to repurchase either. Why buy if I don´t really love it, right?

güd Softening Conditioner in Mango Moonbreeze: 

Although I love the light fruity scent and the conditioner applies nicely: I do not get an instant softening effect. I have very coarse and dry hair and need a powerful conditioner that gives me right away that "soft effect". I usually comb through my hair while still in the shower when the conditioner is still on with a detangling brush but the güd Softening Conditioner did not really help me achieving this job. :-(

everyone soap for every body 3in1 in Lavender +Aloe:

The lavender scent is a nice one but I found this soap to be very drying on my skin and it does not foam nicely- therefore absolutely not useable as bubble bath. Not a fan of the everyone soap! :-(

method Foaming Body Wash in Ruby Orange:

I absolutely am a huge fan of Method (as you can see here).  BUT: this one disappointed me. The foaming power is actually quite nice but the scent is strange. I can smell more "castile soap" then orange. I just need my body wash to really smell good! Is that too much to ask for? ;-)

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