Today I have a review of Paula´s choice skin care products for you. I am already a long time fan of Paula´s choice  and recommend it constantly to my friends. Also: the customer service is outstanding! If you are not satisfied with a product in any way: give them a call or shoot them an email, you are always able to return and such (100% money back guarantee!). If you are unsure about your skin type and it´s needs: the customer service is trained to ask you the perfect questions to evaluate just that! 

Of course Paula´s choice is a cruelty free brand (find more cf brands here).

These products mentioned here are exactly customized for my skin´s needs (which is: oily to combination skin with dry skin around the eyes. Here and there sometimes a couple breakouts and the first signs of aging: fine lines and wrinkles as well as areas of enlarged pores).

I received the Resist Anti-Aging Essential Kit for Wrinkles and Breakouts as well as the Resist Intense Wrinkle-Repair Retinol Serum and the Resist Hyaluronic Acid Booster.

The Resist Anti-Aging Essential Kit contains 4 products: a cleanser, an exfoliant (used like a toner), a daily moisturizer with SPF of 50 and a moisturizer for the night.

RESIST Anti-Aging Essential Kit

Let´s start with the Perfectly Balanced Foaming Cleanser:

This is a very creamy feeling cleanser- I was at first afraid a creamy cleanser like that is not able to really deep cleanse my oily face- but what a surprise! Don´t let the creamy consistency fool you! This cleanser manages to get rid of the excess oils and makeup on my skin like no other- but with an interesting effect of not making my face feel dry afterwards! Genius truly!

This is an chemical exfoliator  (vs. a physical exfoliator like a scrub) that you use just like a toner- pour a little on a cotton pad and apply all over the face. The included BHA of 2% (in this case Salicylic Acid) will help getting those pores smaller over time and help getting rid of breakouts. 

Because Salicylic Acid will speed up the skin cell turnover it will also help improve the look of wrinkles in the long run. This toner feels refreshing and stimulating. Stay out of your eyes with this one as it can sting. 

After that I applied the Hyaluronic Acid Booster:

This feels slightly "slimy" for a couple seconds but then: oh wonder! What it does is: it will help my good old skin cells to plump up as Hyaluronic Acid has the ability to hold in moisture in your skin cells- an ability our skin looses as we get older. I could see a visible result after minutes on my forehead wrinkles. Love that stuff and don´t want to be a day without it anymore!

After that I applied the Youth Extending Daily fluid:

This lotion-like moisturizer feels almost a little runny- so be careful if you open up the tube. It contains a stunning SPF of 50! SPF is so important to use every day because the sun is still the main factor why our skin is aging! 

I loved this moisturizer because it feels super light weight- it manages to make my skin feel clean and fresh. My skin is hydrated yet not feeling greasy and most importantly: my face did not look shiny!

In the night I applied after the toner the Intense Wrinkle-Repair Retinol Serum

This is already an old time favorite of mine. Some Retinol creams feel heavy to the point of being overly greasy and it can be hard to apply evenly. Not this one! I love this serum. It feels almost like an oil- gel like consistency- so easy to apply but don´t get scared if you have an oily face like me: a couple minutes later you will only feel super soft skin as the consistency seems to change and becomes one with your skin.

After the Retinol Serum I applied in the night the Anti Aging Clear Skin Hydrator. 

This is a light weight silky gel- lotion that is also just wonderful for us girls with oily skin. It gives my face everything it needs but my face will stay clean and fresh. It contains powerful antioxidants and skin-repairing ingredients that stimulate the collagen production. This moisturizer also helps eliminate breakout-causing bacteria.

My verdict:

If you still haven´t found your perfect skin care routine, with my warmest recommendation: give Paula´choice fabulous customer service a call (1-800-831-4088). They are alway able to answer the trickiest of your questions. No matter what your skin concern: anti aging, acne, rosacea, sensitive- they have the perfect products for you. They are able to send you samples as well. Try it- you won't regret it!

Disclaimer: Thank you Paula´s Choice for sponsoring this postRead my full disclosure.