tarte opening act lash primer review

Today I have a review of the tarte opening act lash primer for you! 

Tarte is of course cruelty free (see here how you can go cruelty free too!).

Here is what the product claims:

"It’s time to prime your red carpet-ready stare with tarte’s opening act lash primer, formulated to increase lash volume by a dramatic 952%. The ophthalmologist tested formula is infused with naturally-derived lash volumizing and conditioning agents and tarte’s groundbreaking 360° magniLASH brush glides through lashes to help prime, volumize, lengthen, separate, curl and condition."

Please see my video for a "life demo" of the product.

So here you have the results:

My verdict: 

While I do like the feeling of the tarte opening act lash primer: it feels very smooth and conditioning to my lashes and almost like a treatment: I think this is not a bad product- but the result you can also achieve simply with a second layer of mascara. 

However: if you feel like your lashes are brittle or break easy: the ingredients (cellulose- a plant-derived thickening agent and carnauba wax- an emollient from the leaves of the carnauba palm) might be beneficial for you in the long run!

BTW: the tarte gifted mascara is fabulous! I love it!

Have you tried the tarte opening act lash primer yet? Did you like it?

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