Most of you know that I went cruelty free in May 2014. This was easier then many people think! It took me about 2 or 3 weeks to realize how many wonderful cruelty free brands are available (from drugstore to high end!). Today I know pretty much by heart if a company is cruelty free or not- except if it is a brand new company- then I do my research. 

If you like to go cruelty free please check my list of Cruelty Free Brands. I promise, this sounds harder then it actually is. In fact: I discovered so many brands that I would still probably don´t even know if I wouldn´t have gone cruelty free. I am so happy with my choice and I am in deep hopes that at least some of you try to go cruelty free as well.

But now back to the theme of today: The Best Cruelty Free Deodorant! While I was able to replace all my makeup, all my hair products, even my household cleanser, the hunt for a cruelty free deodorant is the most problematic!

Not only am I a stinker, I am also sweating - soaking wet- and I am living on top of it in Florida. Humid and hot all the time!

Here are my experiences: (you can click on the photos for more info on the products).

The Tom´s of Maine did unfortunately not work for me. While it smelled alright- after only 2 or 3 hours I stank and was soaking wet. A fail for me! :-(

It was pretty much the exact same result with the Kiss my Face Active Life Stick Deodorant: pleasant scent at first- after 3 hours I noticed again body odor and wetness.

I am a big BIG fan of Lavanila! I love their perfume (Pure Vanilla is my favorite) and I love their Body Butters. I had so high hopes for this one. Of course I loved the scent. But it just did not work on me! Not really affordable and I got wet once again and started to smell too...

Words can not describe how soaking wet I got with the EO deodorant spray. Grrr! I think this one is GREAT as a refreshing body mist- but unusable as a deodorant!

Grrr! Applying this paste under my arms felt just so awkward! Unfortunately I do not seem to tolerate Baking Soda and this one gave me a rash under my arms! 

The Body Crystal worked to a certain degree. I would say on days where I hang out only at home it is OK. I still get after a couple hours some weird body odors- but not as bad as with all the others. 

I have some issues with this deodorant labeling it with "No aluminium" and using the pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness. This makes you feel save using this deodorant but while they claim to be aluminum-free, (they are referring to aluminum chlorohydrate, aluminum chloride, aluminum hydroxybromide, or aluminum zirconium.) it in fact still contains aluminum: potassium aluminum sulfate. This MAY (not certain!) be a better alternative to aluminum chlorohydrate but it simply is not completely aluminum-free!!! Absolute confusing and false advertising in my opinion!

Ok, here is finally something that really works: The Certain Dri system! No stink- no wetness! And yes: cruelty free! This is a 2 step system. You apply the green Roll on only at night and it will stop excessive sweating for up to 72 hours! The blue one you can use in the morning. 

So, you might think I found my perfect cruelty free deodorant? Not really! My problem with this system is: it contains an unbelievable (prescription strong) amount of aluminium (25%). While I would love to use this system I find the risk that I poison my body with this system simply too high. 

My verdict:
This is a very unsatisfying and expensive journey! I spend money, I stank and I still haven´t found a solution. I´m not proud to say: I haven´t found a cruelty free deodorant that actually really works on me. I am very sad about it. 

While I would love to use a deodorant without aluminium (as it is still not proven if it causes breast cancer and it is linked to Alzheimer´s!)- I simply can not live without an Antiperspirant and all cruelty free deodorants (except the Certain Dri) that I found do not contain an Antiperspirant (which is at the end Aluminum). 

If you do know a cruelty free deodorant that actually works, pleases comment below!

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