How I lost 10 lbs in 8 weeks!

´twas the night before Christmas (really!) when I read in US weekly that Kim Kardashian is on the Atkins diet. And so I started to google this diet. The only thing that I knew about Atkins was that it had something to do with Bacon (and I can´t stand Bacon lol).

To my surprise it turns out that Atkins is nothing but cutting out your carbs of your diet! I could not believe it! (You can call it also "Low carb", "South Beach" - but even Paleos ( "Cavemen diet") do not eat carbs. So simple!

So I did not wait a day longer 

but began on Christmas Day with my Atkins diet! (even though we had some really juicy looking cake).

Protein and Fat are good for us! (As long as it is "good fat", for example: no trans fat or canola oil but instead coconut oil, olive oil or butter).

Turns out: if you don´t give your body carbs it will instead burn fat! This is called: going in ketose and is actually measurable with test strips- as your body produces ketones if your brain "switched" to burning fat.

Here are some examples of  what I ate in the last 8 weeks:

I did not go to bed one single time hungry, ever feeling deprived or thinking of "when is my next meal". I am amazed! The pounds came off like nothing and I have in fact now my weight I used to have 10 years ago! I am amazed and can not contain myself! I find I eat healthier then ever! I eat everyday large amounts of veggies or salad and feel grande!

I never count any calories, I don´t count carbs either- I simply try not to eat carbs! In fact: I am probably eating way more calories then I used to- but calories seem really not the problem! I am eating all the time heavy whipping cream sauce!

Did I had to turn this old to understand that carbs are my enemy- not fat?

This is the most satisfying diet I have ever been on!

I admit: after a couple weeks I could not see scrambled eggs and fried eggs anymore lol! That is why I invented my:

Fake Pancake

I made up my own little "fake pancake" recipe for breakfast: 1 tsp coconut flour, 1 packet truvia, a tbs heavy whipping cream, 2 eggs,  a bit vanilla extract. Works perfect! I also am trying out at the moment to bake a no carb bread but my first try was a bit dry. Once I have figured that one out I might share with you, if you care! ;-) UPDATE: HERE IS THE RECIPE!

I snack on nuts & cheese.

Oh but if I really crave for something sweet my new pleasure is Lindt Excellence 90 & cocoa chocolate- but just 1-2 pieces (before I was on the Atkins diet I would never eat dark chocolate - I hated it- but now the sugar is out of my system and this chocolate tastes like a dream to me and has almost no carbs!)

I highly recommend this page if you are interested in this diet: and especially this post:

If you struggled your whole life with your weight- I tell you: this is it! Go on a low carb diet, I promise you: this works!

You can find also fabulous recipes on Pinterest! Just type in "Low Carb" or "Atkins".

Find more information in my YouTube video:

I hope you found this helpful! If you do have any questions, please let me know and I try to answer them!