Sweetsation Sunscreen Review

One of the bigger challenges is finding a good cruelty free sunscreen and I am happy I found a new one, or even better: two!

One for mommy (that´s me!) and one for my son! ;-)

Both sunscreens are from Sweetsation Therapy and are cruelty free.

Here are the claims for the

Sun Si´belle Tinted Sunscreen:

  • Light and non-greasy, Moisturizes and hydrates all day long
  • Defends skin with mineral SPF 30, age defying, tinted (no white cast)
  • Contains antioxidants and age defying ingredients, Hyaluronic acid, CoQ10, Vitamin C
  • NANO particles free, chemical free, toxin free
  • Paraben free, gluten free, nut oil free

To my experience: the Sun Si´belle sunscreen smells very nice! It has a nice clean Lavender scent which I really love! I have never had a sunscreen smelling like Lavender! Lovely and refreshing idea! This sunscreen applies wonderfully smooth, it is super easy to apply evenly and feels like a very moisturizing body lotion. I have an oily face and used on my face it can get shiny but I love to use it on my whole body.

This sunscreen is tinted! It is like a sunscreen and BB-cream in one! And what a smart move this is! You know that white cast you usually get when you apply a physical sunscreen (meaning: Titanium Oxide or Zinc Oxide are blocking the sun)? This won´t happen with this one as the nude tint in it will look absolutely natural!

This is genius! 

I think the world has been waiting for this!

Here are the claims for the 

Sun´n Fun Sunscreen for Kids:

  • Light and non-greasy
  • Moisturizing, hydrating, soothing
  • Mineral, natural SPF30, no chemical filters
  • Natural chocolate scent, no artificial fragrances
  • Non-NANO
  • Toxin-free, Gluten-free, Oxybenzone-free, Paraben-free
    Rich in Antioxidants and Vitamin C

Here is my son´s experience with the Sun´n Fun Sunscreen for Kids:

You are kidding! The Sun´n Fun sunscreen smells like chocolate! I can not believe it! Me and my son really loved this! What a fantastic idea to make this task easier and more fun for your kids! This applies somewhat thicker than the "mommy version" but it is still pretty easy to work into the skin.

This sunscreen has also a light brown color- like chocolate milk and cleverly minimizes this way the white cast I spoke about before.

This sunscreen is smart & works fabulous!


Now did you know about the EWG Skin deep Data base? They evaluate the ingredients of thousands (in fact: 70.000) of cosmetic products in the US. Unfortunately there is not many rules about what companies can put into their products and you as a consumer are on your own to either trust brands or research for yourself.

I have made it a habit to check my cosmetic on the EWG Skin DeepApp in regards of their safety. You will find most brands that use animal testing will use very toxic and potential harmful ingredients! Because cruelty free brands tend to use more natural ingredients, they usually will have much better results on EWG. One more reason to go cruelty free! For your own safety!

For every product and ingredient in Skin Deep, there’s a two-part score – a hazard score and a data availability score. The ingredient hazard score, from 1-10 reflects known and suspected hazards of ingredients.

Low hazard    Moderate hazard      High hazard

I am very happy to see that the Sun Si´belle is rated by the EWG a 2 and the Sun´n´Fun is rated a 1!

This is a fabulous score! Check your own sunscreen. I am very sure it will be nowhere near the 0-2 score... :-(

This is the big oxymoron about sunscreen: you want to protect yourself of getting skin cancer but are applying a sunscreen that could actually cause skin cancer...

I highly recommend these two sunscreen gems to everybody and will happily add them to my BEST CRUELTY FREE BRANDS LIST!

Get the Sun Si'belle Tinted Sunscreen here
& Sun'n'Fun Sunscreen for Kids here

So long, stay safe in the sun!

(I know most of you have more of a snow problem then sun problem right now- but the next summer will come for sure!)

Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Affiliate links.