My motto is:

"I have a passion for fashion but skin care is my real obsession."

A good skin care routine is so much more important to me then make up- because the less flaws you have, the less make up you need! Right?

And this year I really proved my skin care obsession!

I tried in 2014 an unbelievable amount of skin care products & skin care gadgets or gimmicks. A couple numbers to show the craziness: 55 different skin care brands including around 20 different serums, 10 facial masks and more then 10 different skin care gadgets/gimmicks - not even included countless skin care samples I received!

So today I like to present my personal winners of the year 2014 to you! All my winners are cruelty free!

NEW! You can see my winners also on YouTube!


The best facial cleanser goes to:

MICHAEL TODD CHARCOAL CLEANSER: gets my oily face deep clean with a fresh herbal scent. Love it! (MY FULL REVIEW).

The best facial toner goes to:

InstaNatural Rose water- a wonderful natural toner, smells delicious (yes, like roses!) and still super effective! (MY FULL REVIEW)

The best Vitamin C Serum goes to Valentia Even Glow Serum- one of the best smelling Vitamin C serums out there! (MY FULL REVIEW)

The best Moisturizer goes to: Palmetto Derma- a perfect mix of Retinol and Peptides to fight that aging with a very unique consistency! Just wish it would come in a (more hygienic) tube! (MY FULL REVIEW)

The best facial mask goes to: Lavo Volcanic Mask- in my opinion the best mask to dry out blackheads plus it smells super fresh and clean. (MY FULL REVIEW)

The best leave on Exfoliator goes to: Paula´s choice Resist 2 % BHA Gel. Leave this on over night to chemically exfoliate your skin- speeds up skin cell turnover and at the same time evens out skin tone! Works great! I am using this almost every night and my skin color got super even! (Read more about this).

The best chemical peel goes to: Refresh Lactic Acid Peel. If you have never tried a chemical peel, you should- a true game changer for me! (MY FULL REVIEW)


Best for Exfoliation: PMD Personal MicroDerm This is a wonderful tool to get rid of those top layers of our skin that make our skin looking dull and old! Really works! (MY FULL REVIEW)

Best inexpensive must have skin care tool: face pad- for $6 you just MUST GET THIS! The massaging feel of it is wonderful and it will make your face so super clean. (MY FULL REVIEW)

Best sonic facial brush:

MICHAEL TODD Soniclear - if you are looking to really deep cleanse your face- the Soniclear has everything the Clarisonic has but for way less $$$ (READ MY COMPARISON Soniclear vs. Clarisonic)

Best gimmicks against wrinkles goes to

Frownies- yes, a paper piece to stick onto your wrinkles during your sleep! I am using this since a year and LOVE IT! (READ MY 1 YEAR EXPERIENCE)

Dermaflage is also one of my winners- for special occasion to hide your frown lines- it is basically skin colored silicone you squeeze into your winkles! Works perfect but sadly too pricey to use everyday. (MY FULL REVIEW)

Elf Wrinkle Refiner does an excellent job in smoothing out my forehead wrinkles- and that for $3? A true winner of mine! (CHECK MY COMPARISON WITH THE MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE CLARINS LISSE)

These were all my skin care winners of the year 2014. Looking forward to 2015 to try out some more! I just can´t get enough of this! ;-)

Disclaimer: I received some of the products mentioned above for free. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Affiliate links.