How to lighten up your hair with lemon juice (NOT!)

Most of you know that I switched to cruelty free products since May. One of my bigger challenges was it, to find a hair dye that is cruelty free.

So, I was very excited to try this trick I have heard many times: lighten up your hair with lemon juice. How cheap! And completely natural and cruelty free!

Now because I read that the application can be very messy and that the process of having lemon juice in your hair can cause breakage or make the hair really dry, I thought I have a good idea!

So what I did was: I mixed my conditioner with the lemon juice! Girl, was I excited! I thought I solved  both problems! The application was a snap! Just like applying a normal hair dye- plus it really smelled very good!

Look at me with my applied lemon juice-conditioner mix! I was just so excited to try this!

After that I sat in the sun for around 1.5 hours. Because I did not want my face to burn, I put a towel right on my face and just let my hair take a sunbath! The time frame seemed really long but it helped to fall a bit asleep! LOL!

After that I washed my hair and was looking excited in the mirror to see: NOTHING! NOTHING! NOTHING! This little trick just didn´t do it! Girl, was that disappointing! My roots were the same old dark blonde and really, no matter how much I looked- nothing had changed! Not even the slightest bit! LOL!

At first, I did not even want to share my experience, but then I thought- what the heck, I am still gonna tell you!

I also heard that honey can lighten up your hair but after this little experiment I did not feel like putting sticky honey on my hair.

Have you ever tried lightening up your hair with lemon juice or honey? Did it work for you?

(BTW: I will have a review coming up this week with a cruelty free hair dye that I have tried. If you follow me on Instagram, you know already the brand!)