Products I have used up!

I haven´t done an empties post in quite a while because - as many of you know- I switched to cruelty free products in May 2014 and most of my items I finished were not cruelty free. I thought I don´t want to post about companies that are testing on animals- but then I realized that it would be probably also informational to let you know which products are in fact NOT cruelty free! (Find my list of cruelty free brands here).

I am one silly little gal and put my own little logo on the empties that are not cruelty free!

Don´t buy these! ;-)

So, let´s start with a bunch of Head & Shoulders. For many years I am suffering from dandruff and Head & Shoulders was always the shampoo that seemed to help. I always liked this Shampoo and the "Damage Rescue" really smells nice like peaches- but: please know that Head & Shoulders is not cruelty free!

Now I have a funny reaction to share with you: I am dying my hair since probably more then 10 years- always with Loreal. Now because I went cruelty free I have stopped dying my hair since May (yes- the roots are coming in and I simple call them "ombré" hehe) and you know what? The dandruff is gone since then! So no need to buy any more this Shampoo! Yay to cruelty free! ;-)


I also used up the Hawaiian Tropic Sun lotion. I really love this stuff and it´s scent but unfortunately this is not cruelty free- I won´t repurchase (I am happy I found already a nice cruelty free sunscreen: Ocean Potion!).

BTW: Hawaiian Tropic made it´s own little logo on the back site of the product which states: "No Animal Testing". Unfortunately you can not trust these "self made logos". Hawaiian Tropics is owned by Energizer Personal Care LLC (who owns also Banana Boat) and they do perform animal testing.


 Just a quick little reminder on how the official Logo´s for cruelty free products look like:

The Leaping Bunny

PETA´s Logo
I also used up a Morocco Argan Oil (cruelty free) hair masque which I really enjoyed and which made my hair feel super soft. (Full review here).

I used up the Amara Organics Vitamin C Serum (cruelty free). A fantastic product for a great prices. (my full review).

I finished the All Purpose Scrub from Naturally Lindy (cruelty free). I am against abrasive scrubs like the very popular Apricot scrub as I think they do more harm to your skin then anything else- but this scrub is very gentle and mild and I loved using it in the morning. (Full review of Naturally Lindy skin care line).

I also used up a box of Frownies to get rid of my frown line between my eyes. I already bought the second box (there is 144 patches included and it took me many month to finish the first box). You can find my post about my experience with the Frownies with before and after photo here.

I used up a bag of Dr. Teal´s (cruelty free) Epsom Salt Soaking Solution with Eucalyptus Spearmint and I hated this stuff! It stinks like old men´s perfume and absolutely not like natural Eucalyptus! Awful!!! I read the ingredients and there is in fact perfume inside. I find this so wrong. They should only use essential oils in Epsom Salt!

I used up 2 Hand Wash Refills from Method in "Pink Grapefruit" and in "Waterfall". It is no secret that I love everything from Method. All their products smell fantastic and they are cruelty free plus this stuff is better for the environment. Also: these refill bags cause way less trash then the big containers from other refill hand washes.

I also used up a couple of samples:

A friend did send me a hair mask from Guhl (a fantastic German hair care company) and I loved it!

I used up a sample of the Living Proof (cruelty free) Targeted Repair Cream. Loved it- made my hair super soft and it smells delicious.

I used a sample of the Soap & Glory (cruelty free) "The Righteous Butter" and I honestly hated the smell. I am not a big fan of really deep sweet girlish scents- the same scent when you step into a Victoria & Secret store? It gives me a headache! But if you love this scent this might be the right thing for you. I admit that the consistency of the Body Butter is a dream.

Bumble & Bumble Surf Shampoo & Conditioner (NOT cruelty free) smells really fresh and nice but the conditioner did not make my hair soft. 

The Bobbi Brown (NOT cruelty free) BB cream was OK: a bit too tacky and too orange under tones for my taste (See my Youtube review here).

So long- these were my empties! Have you tried any of my empties yet?

 Have a great day,

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