It seems like everybody and anybody writes a blog these days. And it also seems that everybody knows, that you get lot´s and lot´s of free products for review. I believe many write a blog simply for that reason. But can you still trust beauty bloggers, if they got the product send for free?

The main reason I started a blog in July 2013 was to post about how to get free beauty samples. I had no intention of "real blogging". I simply wanted to share my information I had collected over time (my until this day most read post with more then 300,000 views is: The 10 best ways to get Free Beauty Samples). I really had no clue, how much free full sized beauty products I would later receive.

I slowly started to read other beauty blogs and then also blogged about beauty products. I had so much fun to write beauty reviews! And then I started to get free full size beauty items which companies would send me in order to get a review on my blog. I got all excited because what started with only samples turned out in full size products. Today my bathroom cabinets are full with all kinds of cosmetic and make up that I all got for free. I almost don´t have to buy anything anymore! A bloggers (women´s) dream!

Now as long as the products you get send are great products, there is no problem with it. But a couple of weeks ago I got a product send, which gave me a rash and for the first time of my (short) blogging life I was in a dilemma on what to do. The problem is of course, that I am not gonna lie on my blog and say this product is fantastic, while it actually gave me a rash. On the other hand: I got this product for free and I´m sure they did not send me this product so that I would get a rash! Anybody can have an allergic reaction to anything. But I don´t think it would have been right to write about my allergic reaction. So what I did is this: I wrote the company about my reaction and that I´d rather would not write about it and they were fine with it.

The dilemma is: if I would have purchased the product with my own money, I probably would have written something bad about it!

And now check out Angie´s video. You have to see this because I thought this women has so much courage to do this. She actually got send a bunch of products from different companies that did not work out for her and she openly talks about it. I loved this! She is even calling it: "Epic Fails". I wish we all would have that courage! I salute Angie for that!

The thing is that you have to be believable and trust worthy as a Beauty blogger (or YouTuber in this case) and this video makes Angie certainly very believable and trust worthy!

What is a sponsored post?

And there is more: did you know the difference of a sponsored post and a free PR product? SPONSORED MEANS THE BLOGGER GOT ON TOP OF THE FREE PRODUCT PAID! How trustworthy do you find a review if the blogger got paid for it?

How is it with you? Do you trust a Beauty bloggers opinion if you see she got the product for free or even got paid for the review?

BTW: did you know that the official FCC guidelines say that we have to state in the BEGINNING of a post if we got this product for free or if it is a sponsored post (aka paid)?

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