You know probably by now that I am very passionate about buying cruelty free and that is why today I am gonna show you how many awesome products you can buy at Target that are cruelty free!

I made lots of photos because maybe you have not heard about certain brands- this way it is easier to remember I thought! :-)

Target sells for example Sonia Kashuk! Sonia Kashuk offers a wide range from Make up to Cosmetics! I have not tried anything yet but I will for sure!

Sonia Kashuk Make up at Target

Sonia Kashuk Cosmetic at Target

Target also sells Pixi Make up- yes, all cruelty free!

Pixi at Target

 And of course Elf!

Elf at Target

In the "Natural Isle" you can find also lots of cruelty free cosmetic for your hair and skin and body! (For example: Giovanni, Avalon Organics, Alba)

Giovanni, Avalon Organics, Alba, Jäson

Avalon Organics

Or Make up and Cosmetic from Pacifica! I think the packaging is really cute but it seems a bit pricey. (Biore is pictured but not cruelty free!)


Burt´s Bees offers a wide range from lip products, to skin care- but also body washes and hair products.

Burt´s Bees

Dr. Bronner soap is very unique- you can basically use it for everything! And it is scented with essential oils that smell fantastic (like citrus or rosemary!)

Yes to Carrots and Dr. Bronner

güd has also fantastic body washes and body lotions.


Target also sells: Shea Moisture, JR Watkins and Jäson. (Please notice that Neutrogena and Biore are not cruelty free but are pictured)

Shea Moisture, J.R. Watkins, Alba, Jäson

Yes to Carrots (Tomatoes, Cucumber, Blueberries...) is also cruelty free as is Weleda.

UPDATE 03/31/2015 Apparently Weleda is selling their products in China and not considered cruelty free anymore!

Yes to Carrots

Moving to the "Ethnic Area" Target offers fantastic cruelty free options for your hair from brands like Jessie´s girl, Jane Carter, Shea Moisture or Cantu.

Jessie´s girl, Jane Carter, Shea Moisture, Cantu

Former Organix- now called OGX- has also some awesome hair products and you can find them at Target where the "normal Shampoo" Isle is. -

03/31/2015 UPDATE: Organix is not considered cruelty free anymore as they seem to sell their products in China, which requires animal testing by law. I can no longer support them.

04/25/2019 Cantu has never responded to my questions regarding their cruelty free status. Therefore I believe they might not be cruelty free.


While you will find at Target most of the cruelty free body washes in the natural area there is only one brand of a cruelty free body wash in the "normal" body wash area: Method. I am a Method lover! It is in fact my favorite body wash and smells fantastic. I used it even before I knew they were cruelty free simply because they smell so good. My favorite is "marine" (not pictured). Method body washes are also available for kids (the Mickey Mouse versions below).


Hand soaps are cruelty free from Mrs. Meyers and also Method.

Mrs. Meyers hand soaps

Method hand soaps

Moving over to the household cleansers: Target offers a wide selection of cleansers from J.R. Watkins, Mrs. Meyers (I highly recommend the counter top sprays- they smell wonderful!), Method and also from Seventh Generation. Not only are these cleansers cruelty free but they don´t hurt the environment and are biodegradable. What sense does it make after all if your house is clean but you hurt the environment.

J.R. Watkins and Mrs. Meyers household cleansers

Method hand soaps and household cleansers

Seventh Generation household cleansers

I hope this showed you how many options Target alone offers that are cruelty free! It is not that hard after all! :-)

You can also see me "life" shopping at Target but adjust your volume- the sound is kind of awful! Sorry for that! :-)

Here is a complete list of the cruelty free brands available at Target! 

Here is the complete list of all cruelty free brands!