Today I will tell you about my first time using a dermaroller! Did it hurt? Did it work? Did I bleed? The first time I have ever heard about a dermaroller was on Mingaile Tarpys blog: Min´s Beauty Equipment. I was scared of this device but at the same time so very intrigued. I asked Min to write a guest post about this on my blog and you can read it here if you like: "How to get rid of frown lines without botox".

My own experience:


Today I can share my own experience with this device. Once I had this device laying around in my house I have to admit that I got kind off scared! With all the needles it looked not like a whole lot of fun! So I needed quite some time fo finally be brave enough to try this out! You can probably imagine if you have never tried this either?

dermaroller in convenient storage box - also great to sterilize!

I finally gave in and prepared everything (and disinfected my forehead and the dermaroller with rubbing alcohol ) I was rather scared... but then I rolled it a couple times in each direction- from left to right, up and down and diagonal. 

Actually I felt relieved immediately because it was not as bad as expected! Sometimes I had a little cracking sensation- like some skin broke and I am assuming those were a couple of tiny blackheads I tend to have on my forehead. I am sorry if this sounds a bit unappealing but I want to share with you my honest experience!

It really surprised me- I had almost no pain at all! I was expecting a little bit of bleeding- but that was not the case- more a bit of reddening and swelling. Now if you use this device keep in mind that you do not put too much pressure on the device- if this makes any sense. You hold this device gently and roll it also gently over the desired skin area.  I kind of "felt" while doing it how to correctly hold it.

I admit: I do not have very sensitive skin and my skin is really thick- so the pain will be individually different because we all have different thick skin and feel pain different- so your story might be different then mine. If you are really scared of pain you could also apply a numbing treatment before the needling.

Co- Enzyme Q10 works even better right after needling:

A quality Q10 Serum works even better right after needling because the serum has a chance to get so much deeper into your skin. Q10 helps to fight the effects of aging by revitalizing the cells, reduce wrinkles, making skin appear firmer and more youthful looking. Oh yes- give me this magic potion!

The day after the use of my derma roller:

One day after the needling I could barely see anything has happened! I had only a couple of tiny red dots on my forehead- nothing I could not quickly cover up with a bit of foundation. I will do this process again in a couple of weeks. What hopefully happens now is that the skin tries to repair itself and fills in the little holes I created with brand new collagen. I do not think you will see dramatic results after just one use but I will to continue to use the derma roller every couple of weeks.

If you are considering to use a dermaroller:

I think a dermaroller is something you should really give a try if you start to see those first signs of aging and maybe considering Botox- at least with this you are not putting any chemicals in your body! And it is cheaper and you can do it in your own convenience at home. I really can not wait for my next treatment- now that I know it is not as bad as expected- lol. It is also important which needle size to choose.

Pros: inexpensive (especially compared to Botox), can produce new collagen and make wrinkles appear smaller.

Cons: some people find it painful, not recommended for those with active infections, chronic skin disorders, blood clotting problems, poor healing or skin malignancies, active acne, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, severe solar keratosis and raised moles or warts.

I hope you find this interesting- this is certainly not something for my very young readers - you do have perfect skin- go and enjoy it- but once you see the first signs of aging this can be a really interesting device.

What do you think? Scared? Intrigued or too young to try? :-)

Update: Read my thoughts after using the dermaroller for 1 year!

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