It´s been 1.5 years since my first experience with a dermaroller and I thought I like to update you about my thoughts on this tool. 

I will tell you why to use a dermaroller,  how to use it, and tell you my own experience if this too really works.

I have also included a demo on YouTube, so you can actually see how to use this scary looking device!


You create tiny wounds to the skin in the top layers which are supposed to produce collagen. The collagen then should supposedly fill in wrinkles and fine lines. Also: serums might be better absorbed because of the tiny holes we created.

It is not recommended for those with active acne, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, raised moles or warts.

2. How?

Cleanse the face and run the derma roller under hot water.

Directions: Roll in each direction- from left to right, up and down and diagonal. You might hear a little popping sounds and it can bleed a tiny bit. Don't use too much pressure. 

After the procedure it is a great time to apply a serum. My favorite is a Vitamin C serum.

You can do this procedure about once a month. Don´t do it more often because the skin needs that time to produce the collagen.

After the treatment run the dermaroller again under hot water and disinfect for a couple minutes in alcohol. 

Stay out of sun and use sunscreen!

3. Does this really work?

I had really high hopes for this but after 3 times (once a month- 3 times) I didn't see anything changing with my wrinkles or fine lines. Also: you can't roll too close too your eyes- which is my main concern area. 

I find the risk of getting an infection not worth it. I don´t really use this tool anymore.

But: this tool actually inspired me for something else: I had a little weird "hole" on my nose- I suspect it was from a blackhead. With skin needling I was able to completely remove that hole! 

I do believe that skin needling can really improve old acne scars, other scars or  any other "holes" you might have on your skin. But I would suggest a dermastamp or needling to only the affected areas as you can really go in "where needed".

Ever tried this tool? 

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