The Beauty Crown Awards are a yearly favorites collaborative effort including beauty bloggers around the globe. The Beauty Crown Awards were created by Lily from Beauty with Lily Liz from My Pretty Obsessions, Jackie from Five Two Certified, and Shalunya from Shalunya & Boyet. We felt that a collaborative effort from a large number of beauty bloggers would be much more interesting to our readers and would garner more attention. The Beauty Crown Awards are a 5 week event with each week covering types of products.
Week 5 - Facial Care Products & Tools - Dec 30 - Jan 4, 2014
Week 5 of the Beauty Crown Awards covers Facial Care Products & Tools. Below are my selections:


My favorite cleanser at the  moment is "Simple Facial Wash". I really enjoy this one as it removes all Make up traces at once and is very mild. At the same time it does not dry or irritate my skin. It is also very affordable- I really like it and can recommend it! (If you like you can read HERE my complete review for the Simple Skin Care line).

My favorite Serum is Lancome Dreamtone. I tend to uneven skin tone because of all the sun I am putting my face under and this stuff works wonders! After 2 weeks I noticed already a big difference and now I am using it for 2 month and it is just getting better and better. It smells very nice, the bottle looks beautiful and my skin absorbs every bit of it. I have oily skin and do not need any extra moisturizer after this. (My complete review is HERE).

I also like the Simple Cleansing Wipes. I usually wash my face first with the cleanser but use these wipes afterwards also and also for my neck. It is very important to not forget our neck in our skin care regime!

My favorite exfoliator is Paula´s choice Resist. It is a chemical exfoliater and not an abrasive scrub. It is also working great if you have some dark spots on your face as it will erase these over time. Please read my post "Do you REALLY exfoliate" to learn more about exfoliation. 

I love the Garnier Ultimate Cleanser as a facial mask. It smells nice like citrus- like all Garnier products -and I feel cleansed and refreshed afterwards. This one has 3 ways to use- as a cleanser, exfoliater or as a mask.


Here is a picture of my favorite brushes. I love my Mary Kay brush and my Lancome brushes and for my bronzer I stick to my profusion brush.

My favorite Tweezers are from Revlon "ultimate". I find it works great and very precise. I wrote a funny post a couple of weeks ago about eyebrows which you can read HERE if you like.

I am using diamond files for as long as I can think and do not like other files as I find them always to harsh on my nails- this one has such a fine site- and I am using only the fine site. I love it and would not trade it for any other file. I bought this one from Wilkinson over and over again.

This was the last chapter of the Beauty Crown.

I hope you enjoyed my picks and I wish you a great rest of your weekend!

XOXO, Sissi

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