The Beauty Crown Awards are a yearly favorites collaborative effort including beauty bloggers around the globe. The Beauty Crown Awards were created by Lily from Beauty with Lily Liz from My Pretty Obsessions, Jackie from Five Two Certified, and Shalunya from Shalunya & Boyet. We felt that a collaborative effort from a large number of beauty bloggers would be much more interesting to our readers and would garner more attention. The Beauty Crown Awards are a 5 week event with each week covering types of products.

Week 4 - Eye & Misc Products - Dec 23 - Dec 29, 2013

Week 4 of the Beauty Crown Awards covers Eye & Misc Products. Below are my Week 4 selections:


I am not using a separate primer for my eyes- I am using my Loreal Magic Perfecting Base Primer also for my eyes. I am really loving my Estee Lauder eye shadow palette. The neutral colors are just perfect for me.  I am also in love with my Estee Lauder Sumptuous Mascara. I use eye pencils from JLB cosmetics. They do not feel super soft while applying but this is great for me as I find the color holds longer because I do get pretty oily on my eyelids. I barely paint my eyebrows because I am blonde I find it looks to harsh if they are to obvious or it can make you look old if they are too dark. If I made a mistake and over plug my eyebrows I might use a bit of a covergirl eyebrow pencil for blondes.


I am subscribing to Instyle since probably 20 years (11 years the German version) and now I am also an Allure Subscriber. I really love both magazines. I do not subscribe to a subscription box but sometimes I am thinking if I should subscribe to Ipsy but then I get scared again. I am really neat and organized and can not stand if I have too many things and I just might up with lots of things that I never use from Ipsy!

XOXO, Sissi

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