A great way to score FREE BEAUTY ITEMS is to register with Beauty Consumer Panels.

Did you know that you can score full sized beauty items in these panels? It is absolutely free! This is my personal best list of beauty consumer panels. I am signed up myself with each of them.

1. Sign up with the LOREAL CONSUMER PANEL

This Consumer Panel is probably the best. Sign up with them and wait for an email with a password for you to sign in onto their site. They barely send out emails after that initial email, so you have to log into your account at least daily and check if you have a survey open.

You can choose if you want to go to their test center if you live in the NY area- if not you can choose to participate in home studies only.  You will have to answer surveys and if you meet their criteria you get chosen for a study.

For these studies you will get to test out unlabeled brand new beauty items which are not even in store yet. You will have to answer their surveys about the product after testing them. After completing your study you will get compensated in full sized luxury brand products!  Loreal owns also Lancome, Kiehls, Clarisonic, Kerastase, Biotherm, Vichy, La Roche and a lot more, so the compensation products are usually not only from Loreal!

I qualified for 3 studies in the past. It takes a couple weeks after the study is finished to receive the compensation. I am unfortunately not allowed to say anything about the studies themselves as the products are not even in store yet. Here is a picture of a compensation I have received for a study that took 1 week and was really fun.

Here is another compensation I have received for a study that took me 6 days and was also super easy and fun.

This is the third compensation I have received for another 6 day study.

2. Sign up as a BzzAgent

This panel is not only for beauty items but for all kinds of items like food, drinks, games, shoe soles, toothpaste... You get to choose if you want to do a campaign or not. Fill out their surveys and if you meet the right criteria you will get to test out beauty items (or food, drinks, games...).

You will have a Bzz Score which ranks higher after every completion of a survey or review or another activity you did. This panel gives you more campaigns the better your score ranks. You have to write a review or share your opinion about the products with friends.

My first campaign with them was the "redbox instant by verizon". This is a similar system to Netflix and I got to test it out for 30 days FOR FREE plus I was able to rent 3 DVD`s for free at the kiosk!

My second campaign was for Quaker- check out the awesome full sized items I have received:


My third campaign was for Kashi and this is what I have received.

My fourth campaign was Trumoo chocolate milk and I received a whole gallon for free!

Recently I got an invite from bzz for a Kellogg's Cereal box but I did not accept this campaign as they wanted me to also upload music which I never do. I also got an invite for a Claritin-D campaign which I also declined due to my family not having any allergies and almost never a cold.

I wish I would get into some beauty campaigns because this is why I actually signed up with them. During the time me being a bzzagent they had a Curel campaign, a Lancome campaign and right now a Covergirl campaign. I would be a perfect fit but for some reason they never pick me for beauty items!

3. Sign up with Influenster

Influenster offers their members a VOXBOX filled with full sized items- often times beauty related. Every Influenster wants to have that VOXBOX filled with lots of beauty items- sometimes also a candy bar or similar things . Influenster takes a little effort because you have to "deserve" the VOXBOX. You have to write reviews and answer a lot surveys.

 picture of my goodlife voxbox


I also won a photo contest for this voxbox and have received a MEGAVOXBOX!


I have received also a Suave Family Voxbox!

I have also received the Jolly Voxbox.

4. Sign up with Vocalpoint.

With Vocalpoint you can get also full size beauty items if you reach a certain score. It is a online community and you have to be active in it- write reviews, tell stories, take polls and answer surveys to get the beauty items.

Members have received in the past for example: a Gillette Venus Razor, Olay Regenerist Eye Cream and Lash Serum, Pantene Expert Shampoo & Conditioner.

The only thing I have received yet is a box of Clairol´s root touch up.

5. Sign up with SheSpeaks

SheSpeaks is another online community where you can score free full sized beauty items. Again: it is about sharing your reviews, answering surveys. Read and comment on their blog, share hot deals and offers, create a review or join the discussion boards. If you participate regularly in the  community you might just get something free delivered to your door.

People in the past have received for example: full sized Pantene ProV Shampoo & Conditioner or L’Oreal Paris Magic B.B. Cream.

I just received a Lancome Serum from them! I am so excited for this!

6. Sign up with Smiley360

Again: Answer Surveys, review products and receive "Smileys" for all these actions and qualify to try products for free.

I have received 10 samples of Wisk laundry detergent from them.

7. Become a Glamspotter (program has ended)

This online community is from Glamour Magazine! This community is for fashion forward people. Answer their surveys and you might end up with free items! I recently received a Maybelline foundation to test.

8. Join PINCHme

This is a relative new panel and super fun. Open up an account and every second Tuesday at exactly 12 pm you will get new offers for samples to try (You have to log into your account to order them). The only obligation you have, is to review the samples afterwards- but this goes super quick because you just give stars and click on the given options. I have received very good sized beauty samples from them.

9. Become an Allure Beauty Enthusiast!

Be a part of a exclusive community that tests products before they hit shelves. Share your expertise and ideas. Know first when their beloved Allure boxes go on sale.

It took me a while to finally qualify for something but I got a Crest Tooth Whitening System.

10. Join House Party

House Party is not for beauty items only, but they have had int he past also Beauty Parties. You have to apply to host a party of your choice. If you host a party you get so many goodie bags from them. Afterwards you write about the success of your party and give them some pictures.

Check out some photos of their past parties.

I recently qualified for the Simple Skin Care Party which I soon will be hosting.


11. Marie Claire Velvet Robe Club

A reader informed me about this new panel! I have not tried it myself.



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