Brand Ambassador/ Influencer scam emails (Benefit, Kylie Cosmetics, Elf Cosmetics)

I am getting daily these annoying Influencer scam emails, so I wanted to write this article, in case you are googling if your email from Benefit, Kylie Cosmetics, Elf Cosmetics, Pixi Beauty, Fenty Beauty, Charlotte Tilbury etc ppp) is authentic!

The easiest thing you can do is check the senders email. If it is a gmail email, you can be 100% sure this email is NOT authentic- like these examples:

They are trying to lure you in with words like this:

"We will be sending out free PR packages every month. This means you will get to show off our newest cosmetics completely free with no catch! In return, just tag us with the cosmetics either wearing them or just showing off the package! You will also be getting a payment of $2000 (this is because of your social media engagements as an influencer of this brand) You are expected to create 10 content posts for a start. Subsequently we may increase your payment as you grow your audience and make the best post we want to see. You will be paid via bank transfer to paypal, venmo, cashapp or Zelle every time you post a shout-out of our newest brand product, wearing them on your page or just a convincing image of the product. We expect a maximum and minimum of ten posts from you per month."

I can imagine, that this sounds exciting, but it is totally unrealistic. I am a content creator since 2013 and have worked with hundreds of brands but this email immediately screams FAKE to me. What is funny is that I have noticed, I am getting literally an email from Benefit when I just posted something on my IG for Benefit. Like they are watching your IG feed and then insert the brand in their email that you just posted about. Problem is, I am currently really working with Benefit lol and so the Fake email was immediately clear to me was not authentic.

Here are some email examples of fake emails I received only yesterday- supposedly from Kylie Cosmetics, Benefit, Innisfree, Pixi Beauty!

Notice also the strange wording: "Good day miss!" Who says that? "We took time to check, review and applaud the content creation". Applaud-  total bs.

This email -supposedly from Pixi Beauty- is asking to cover a $105 delivery fee. This is bs. I work with Pixi regularly and they never will ask you to pay for shipping. 

I have even gotten emails from high end fashion designers, such as Gucci, Saint Laurent or Armani! As if these brands would work with a micro influencer like me! LMAO! 

So, what is behind the scam? In one or another way they will try to get MONEY from you! Like, they could be asking for a small fee or for you to pay for shipping. I hope nobody is falling for this! Again: check the sender! If it is a gmail email, it is FAKE my friend. 

Stay safe!