Burt's Bees is not as clean or natural as you think...

Turns out Burt’s Bees isn’t as clean as I - and maybe you too- thought. And I know the word “clean” really has no meaning as it is not regulated by the FDA (the same as “natural” is not regulated and means literally nothing). However, Burt’s Bees does claim they don’t use Forever Chemicals (PFAS). Well, Mamavation (a trusted source for moms looking for non-toxic product recommendations) decided to send Burt’s Bees products off to an EPA-certified laboratory to find out the truth. 

First off: why are Forever Chemicals bad? PFAS have been linked to birth defects, liver and thyroid disease, hormone disruption, and a range of other serious health problems, including cancer!

Sadly, Mamavation’s EPA-certified laboratory reported back that Burt’s Bees products indeed contain indications of PFAS “forever chemicals”, including some of their eyeshadows, blushes, lipsticks, foundations and mascaras. See the complete results here

There are also multiple class action claims filed that Burt's Bees product contains Forever Chemicals and also for labeling some of its products as 100% natural despite them containing hydrogenated oils (processed with chemicals). I mean let's not forget that Burt's Bees in owned by Clorox. 😷

Unfortunately if a brand claims to be clean, it still means nothing. So, is clean makeup just a hoax? Check out this article if you want to know more.