Why I will throw my InStyle subscription in the trash! #InStyleCancel πŸ“° #RANT

I am a loyal subscriber to InStyle magazine for over 20 years- heck I was not even living in the U.S. when I bought my first InStyle magazine in Germany back in the ‘90s! I have always loved this fashion and beauty magazine. Loved the part where we could peek inside of the homes of celebrities, such as the elegant and timeless home from Georgia Armani, the colorful home of Christina Aguilera (though I do not like her style at all lol) or the modern home of Michael Kors. I also loved the well-balanced mix of fashion ideas: from affordable pieces like H&M to high end pieces such as Zimmermann. 

But something changed last year. It was a tough year for all of us and I did not want to give up too quickly on InStyle. Surely, they lost their creativity and did not know anymore what to publish as soon as the pandemic hit. I did understand. We were all kind of lost! 

As the month went by InStyle did change… suddenly, this fashion and beauty magazine became a political, feministic magazine. InStyle went way out of their lane! I subscribed for beauty and fashion, NOT for politics! If I wanted to subscribe to a political magazine, I would do so! 

If you want politics- here is a magazine for that. 😏

If I want to see news, I know which channel to turn on. That does not mean I do not care about politics and news- there is a time and a place for everything. BUT! I do not want that in my little escape of fashion and beauty! This magazine meant to me: a little relaxing hour! A cup of foamy cappuccino and maybe a piece of chocolate (Ok, who can REALLY only have 1 piece of chocolate- not me!) and watching beautiful dresses that stars wear on the red carpet and playing little games which dress I would wear and which ones not (do you ever do that?), but this magazine is no longer offering that! 

I am not posting anything political here on my beauty blog either! I do not think that you, my dear readers, would want that! You are not coming here for me to preach to you about politics! This blog is also a little escape from the world- for some of you -and that is why I keep it light and fresh and easy to digest! LOL!

And that is what's missing with this “new era of the InStyle magazine”. What a bore! In every issue you’ll find now boring lists of 50 “badass” women (whatever tf that is- I hate that term! InStyle even sells now badass lipsticks and badass t-shirts)- at least half of the women mentioned in their annoying lists I have never heard of in my whole life. InStyle even managed to print completely unknown (to me) faces on many of their last covers! What the hell?  And I honestly do not care who they are!!! If I wanted to subscribe to a feministic political magazine, I would do so! But that certainly was not what InStyle used to be! 

What happened here?!? I admit I still get excited when I see my InStyle magazine arriving in my mailbox… but then I open it up and quickly discover again: No! This magazine has lost it! Even the fashion ideas have gotten ridiculous! All overpriced high-end designer pieces! I cannot take it anymore!

This is how fashion looks like according to the InStyle September issue.

I am speechless! This Elmo coat retails for $6,850 (Bottega Veneta).
 I think I could re-create this look for under $100 if I wanted to. But I don't want to.
Looks like a walk of shame.πŸ˜…

I definitely do not care for these rubber boots for $750 by Bottega Veneta. The clutch is a steal for $2490 and the grandma cardigan costs $1790! The whole outfit is a total mess!!! I wonder what my friends would think if I come to our next lunch like that! πŸ˜†

Especially during these times where many people lost their jobs etc InStyle manages to only print fashion ideas for the rich? What the hell! Is this because only Versace and Gucci is left to advertise in InStyle? I am sick of this magazine! You have lost me here InStyle. InStyle has gotten absolutely unrelatable! If you want to be a magazine for rich women that are bored- go ahead. But maybe you should also rename your magazine, “The Rich Feminist”, or “Wealthy Womanism”, or even better “Woke & Loaded”. LOL!

Because STYLE? I see no more. I see political overcorrection; I see feminism & overpriced fashion that nobody can afford. Sorry, but after 20 years of being a faithful subscriber, the time has come to cancel my subscription. Goodbye InStyle! We had some fun years, but I am better off without you now. #InStyleCancel

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