I just got an email from (supposedly) ZARA and GIRRRL was I excited! πŸ™†

They told me that I can choose 5 items from their site in return for a YouTube mention!

This is what the email said:

Dear Youtuber,
We are looking for partners on YouTube.
We invite you to take part in our advertising campaign, in which we want to buy an advertising video insert of our new clothing collection, and at the end of cooperation you will receive 5 of any things from the catalog of the new collection as a gift.
In return, you must advertise integration into your YouTube video, in which you will tell about the advantages of the catalog and the quality of ZARA - BRAND products. 

We also look forward to long-term cooperation.
If you are interested in our proposal, write to these contacts:



Here is a screenshot!

However, I immediately felt also this email could be fake- for 4 reasons: 

  • strange wording- definitely not native English (says I: the German πŸ₯¨ lol)
  • the email was from a gmail account, rather than an official
  • why do I have to respond either via WhatsApp or Telegram?
  • also: why would Zara work with me? I am not exactly a fashion Youtuber and my channel is small too lol.

So, what did I do? I contacted the official Zara account on Twitter and asked them to verify, if the email I received was legit. And what do you know? Within hours it was confirmed: the email was fake and was not coming from Zara.

Bummer, but what scam is behind the email?

Apparently these scammers are trying to hijack your WhatsApp or Telegram. Please do under no circumstance respond to them on WhatsApp or Telegram as this is their way to hijack your account! Unbelievable what kind of tactics these scammer do these days. 😑

I am glad I could outsmart them though. 😏

I guess I have to buy my own clothes! πŸ˜…

Stay safe!