How can you prevent and treat a cold sore?

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Having a cold sore? Oh no! Those can itch and hurt, and they can be embarrassing and can really do a number on your self-confidence! Ouch! So, how can you prevent a cold sore and treat it? I am here for you to answer these questions! 


How to prevent cold sores in the first place: 

 1. Avoid stress! 


It seems that cold sores can be stress related- or even related to your period. So, try to manage your stress and keep your immune system healthy with plenty of sleep and daily exercise!  

 2. Stay out of the sun! 


Also: stay out of the sun. Yes, you heard right! Did you know that the sun is a relatively common trigger for a cold sore? The main reason sunlight can cause cold sore outbreaks is because of the presence of ultraviolet (UV) radiation. 


3. Protect your lips! 


Protect your lips with the Herpecin L lip balm. Not only is this lip balm very moisturizing, it locks in moisture to help prevent painful cracking, creates an SPF barrier to protect lips against harmful UV rays, and contains a soothing Natural Complex of Lysine plus Vitamins B6, C, & E, and lemon balm.  


Don’t worry: just because the Herpecin L lip balm is a pharmacist-recommended product that does a superb job of providing instant relief from burning, itching, and oozing... it does not taste like a bitter medicine or something. No, quite the opposite: it tastes absolutely neutral! 


Also: you can use it year-round- it´s not only good for a cold sore, but you can also use Herpecin as everyday protection from fever blisters and chapped lips or use it when you feel a cold sore coming on.  


Don’t let cold sores get the best of you!  



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