Curly Girl Method after straightening my hair for 26 years!

A couple of days ago YouTube recommended me a video about the "Curly Girl Method". I have never heard about this before but I was really curious about this and started binge-watching a bunch of similar videos. 

In case you also (like me) have never heard about the Curly Girl Method: it is basically a guide for girls with curly hair, how to treat the hair, what kind of products to use, which ingredients to avoid (sulfates and silicones!) etc.

And then it hit me like a déjà vu! I USED TO HAVE CURLS! No way, you might think! 

Well, fact is that I am straightening my hair for now 26 years! I am literally doing a blow-out every single time I wash my hair! I know exactly which products help against frizz and to keep my hair straight! I have completely forgotten that this isn't my natural pattern! So crazy!

Check out a couple pictures of me when I was a teenager!

That was in the '80s y'all! Back then there was no Internet, no YouTube tutorials and nobody around me had curls and I had literally no clue, how to deal with this! I was so frustrated! I did not know at all how to take care of my hair. When I turned 18 I had enough of this crazy mess and I started to straighten my hair. And I loved the results! To this day!

However, I have noticed lately that my hair is getting a little thinner and I feel like the Curly Girl Method might be a more gentle approach to treat my hair, using better hair products, less heat etc. and that is why I want to try out the Curly Girl Method!

Here is my very first attempt of co-washing, scrunching and putting hair gel on my hair (I have never done this and was scared my hair will feel stiff- but no! It felt super soft!)- watch it on YouTube, if you like!


And here is my before /after picture after my very first try to treat my hair like a curly girl should!

Honestly: I was so surprised that after so many years of straightening my hair, my hair was still able to get some decent waves! I kinda like it! It looks wild! And I am a wild girl lol! I feel like I was hiding all these years behind my straight hair lol! 👩‍🦱

I definitely want to give the Curly Girl Method a try. I will have to do a bit more research but I will try it out now for at least 6 weeks and see if I can get some more definition into my curl pattern! 

I'm kinda excited about this journey! 😁

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