Erika Vieira's Road to 100k YouTube Subscribers Masterclass Review

The views and opinions expressed in this article are mine. Please build your own opinion on the information provided. 

I recently got sucked into the free masterclass by Erika Vieira that is called "Road to 100k YouTube Subscribers". The masterclass takes over one hour and I will tell you today my thoughts on this. I was especially intrigued seeing 2 of my favorite YouTubers recommending her bootcamp: Shea Whitney (currently 1 Million subscribers) & Busbee Style (currently 400K subscribers). I was actually quite surprised to see that these 2 ladies did Erika's bootcamp and it made me curious enough to listen to the 1 hour long masterclass by Erika Vieira. 

BTW to sign up for the masterclass, you have to fill out a form with questions about your YouTube channel, such as how many subscribers you have, how long you are on YouTube, what you hope to achieve etc. Very smart move from Erika, because it makes it appear, as if she really cares about YOU! It makes it sound as if Erika would hand-select, who is able to join the masterclass, but I highly doubt that is the case. 

Here is a summary of what I have learned from the free masterclass!

The masterclass covers: 
  • 3 mistakes that many YouTubers are doing
  • a 3 step that will "set your channel up for 100k YouTube subscribers".

We are then presented 2 different characters: "Struggling Stephanie" or "Confident Cora". Haha. πŸ˜†

Choose who you are! Chances are that most attendees will pick "Struggling Stephanie", because after all we are in the masterclass to become a "Confident Cora". 

Great move from Erika, now we feel like she "gets us"! It is "Compassionate Erika"! 😏

Time for Erika to throw in a big fish, so that we know it is possible to be successful on Youtube. In fact Shea Whitney's recommendation  (again she has 1 Million subscribers) is one of the reasons I was listening to Erika's masterclass! 

Another big fish she mentions in the beginning!

Erika then explains who she is (a former realtor) and why she is the right person to teach you how to be successful on YouTube. She attended many Influencer meetings (I am not sure why she was invited? Maybe connections?) and interviewed for her podcasts a bunch of big YouTubers and now feels confident to understand how to be successful on YouTube.

She then goes on with the 3 biggest mistakes - according to Erika- that many YouTubers are doing!

Mistake No 1: The YouTube Algorithm is why I'm not growing (again this is according to Erika)

Erika is trying to proof her point and showing some big YouTubers that apparently do it completely different- don't forget though that just because she shows some popular faces (some she interviewed in her podcasts) doesn't mean that they all joined her bootcamp. 

Psychological we think at this point though, that they might have done so, because our brain connects these famous faces with Erikas bootcamp.

Mistake No 2: Consistency as a strategy (according to Erika)

Honestly, I had problems following Erikas logic in this point! Consistency on YouTube is so important! I say you have to upload AT LEAST once per week to stay relevant in the YouTube algorithm! And Erika admits herself that consistency is super important- but clarifies that you need consistency WITH a strategy instead of ONLY being consistent. 

Hm. I think this point is really not well articulated and the title very misleading (as if consistency does not matter). It is actually very misleading from the title because consistency really matters- but it can not be the only strategy. OK. Of course you have to upload quality content. Don't upload just for the sake of uploading. Got it.

Mistake No 3 "You think you need a certain personality"

In this "chapter" Erika is really trying to boost your self-confidence and pushing you hard that you have everything you need to be successful. You only need to believe in yourself and show your personality. But again, I feel like this point is misleading, because Erika makes it appear as if everybody can make it on YouTube- basically even if you have no personality. If you are boring? Super shy? I don't think so! Of course there is a wide spectrum of different personalities on YouTube- but again: I do not think everybody can make it on YouTube...

In fact: I am personally a bit uncomfortable that Erika literally thinks everybody could be successful on YouTube. She "believes that you have the potential to be a successful YouTube creator". But I really don't think everybody can be successful! Of course, she has to give us the feeling we could- after all and I come to that in a couple minutes- this masterclass is a sales-pitch to buy into her bootcamp. Of course she wants to gain you as a customer! 

How can Erika believe in ME if she has never spoken to me and never even has seen a YouTube video from me? Everybody can listen to the free masterclass- and she believes in everybody? Really? So we all take her bootcamp and can soon all make a living off of YouTube? Cool, let's all quit our jobs. πŸ˜…

She said it: it is her mission to help, coach and guide you into believing it for yourself. 

Here comes another quick reminder that she actually wants you to join the "Zero to Influence System". These reminders come throughout the masterclass multiple times.

Part 1: Establishing your Audience Attraction Foundation

Now this part brought me really into thinking, as it reminded me totally on Marina De Giovannis Instagram Accelerator (read my review here), where she also talks about the "Audience Attraction Method". Well, Erika calls it the "Audience Attraction Foundation". That made me really wonder, if these 2 gals (Erika and Marina) attended the same seminar- something like "How to sell online boot camps"?

Part 2: The ride or die fan finder method

The next point is also so very similar to Marina's Instagram Accelerator where she also emphasizes that it does not matter, how many followers you have, but that you have "true fans". However, the masterclass is called "Road to 100k YouTube subscriber"- so I think we are hoping to gain those 100k with this, right?

Part 3: The Clickable Effect

Easy enough, of course you need a good topic to talk about, a fantastic title and an even better thumbnail. Nothing new here!

And now- after 45 minutes- the sales pitch really starts! 

Are you ready to become a YouTube Superstar? (Erika's words!)

You have two options: pay 1x $797 or pay 12x $89- which btw totals to $1068! πŸ€‘

Here is the schedule of the Zero to Influence System Curriculum. It takes 9 weeks!

The masterclass continues with the mention of countless "bonuses" that you get when you enroll TODAY (though I bet it will always be included). Just like a QVC AD. Call today and you get xxx and xxx as bonus.

I always love how these kind of things get a money value added- because who decides the value of that? Erika! Interesting also: in her bonuses are other YouTubers like -again- Shea Whitney who will talk about "5 YouTube Growth Hacks that Nobody is talking about". Makes me wonder: is Shea Whitney actually affiliated with Erika Vieira? Surely she won't do this for free? There has to be some kind of financial connection that Shea (and others) are included in these bonuses. What do you think?

Anyhow, this was my summary of the Road to 100k YouTube Subscribers Masterclass- let's get more into my thoughts on this! 

I have to say it again: Marina De Giovannis Instagram Accelerator (read my review here) and Erika Vieira's masterclass are really very similar: both start off with the struggles of how to gain success, both mention big names to lure you in (though Erika actually really has big name customers while Marina does not really)- however both are mentioning names of people that haven't actually taken their class at all (Erika has only interviewed some of them for her podcast- they are not all customers who joined her bootcamp). They both use similar terms (Marina for example the "Audience Attraction Method" and Erika the "Audience Attraction Foundation"). Very interesting indeed. Did they attend the same seminar how to sell online masterclasses?

Of course these free classes are always nothing more than a super long sales pitch to make you buy the following bootcamp. It is like watching a 1-hour Ad and you are lured in because you (and me) want so desperately the thing they are trying to sell to you (100k subscribers anyone?). Will I gain now 100k YouTube subscribers as the title of the masterclass suggested? Probably not. 😏

But what about all the people recommending Erika? Shea Whitney and Erin from Busbee Style? Well, according to Erika herself, she has had around 400-500 customers (which btw with a price of $797 for her bootcamp would total to $318,800-$398,500). How come not all of them have now 1 Million subscribers? Many of those customers haven't gained that many subscribers! So, she had a couple YouTubers that really are now "Superstars" and took her bootcamp- but they just really might have been the "real deal", have worked super hard, have talent, personality etc. How can you know for sure they only made it because of Erika? Maybe they just were that good! A couple lucky ones in her group of 500 customers. Maybe even a coincidence? 

But I also believe that some people really need someone like Erika to gain more confidence and to get a kick in the ass to really work hard. Maybe some of these big YouTubers that Erika had under her wings just needed a life coach- someone that could relate and offer advice and push them hard to work harder. 

I know that Erin from Busbee Style takes a ton of online classes- she said it herself in this video. She works hard, found her right niche and seems to spend a ton of money investing in her channel (apparently she has a "team" working for her, is renting a studio to film etc- who can spend that much money for a YouTube channel? That has nothing to do with Erika's bootcamp. If you have the money to spend and invest in your YouTube channel- that might be a big helper too! Maybe someone else is editing her videos too? I can not afford to hire people to work for me or rent a studio!)

Personally I don't believe that everybody can make it on YouTube- and that is what Erika is implying. She implies that she believes in you and with her help she can guide you to success. I truly believe that not everybody can be successful on YouTube. Are all of Erika's customers (400-500) now "YouTube Superstars" (her words)? I don't think so. Not everybody can be a YouTube Superstar. But if you have "it" in you, then Erika might be the one who can help you with the technical stuff etc (creating thumbnails, titles, tags etc).

Now I don't know how many YouTubers really reached 100k subscribers after Erika's bootcamp, but since she mentions a bunch of them in her masterclass, I kinda tried to count them and I am not counting the ones that aren't that successful- so let's say around 20 YouTubers (out of the 500) really made it after Erika's bootcamp, it would be a success rate of 4%. In other words: 96% or 480 creators out of 500 did not really "make it". Erika created a collage (at the top of this post) and used some of her bootcamp members- some of these channels do have far more subscribers than 100k- but some have way less than that! And here she uses only 16 faces of boot-campers- and still they are not all in the 100k league! 

The big question is: is the Zero to Influence YouTube Bootcamp worth it ($797)?

It might be! If you really feel like you have it in you, to become a YouTube Superstar but need a little kick in the ass and some guidance- maybe! But I think it is important to understand that not everybody attending her bootcamp will be a YouTube Superstar (whatever that means). That is not possible!!!

Honestly, I am curious enough to try the bootcamp but don't really have the $$$ right now to spend. That is a load of money. 

But this leaves me for one more question: if Erika knows ALL the secrets to make it on YouTube- how come her own channel has - as of now- only 4k subscribers and BARELY views on her videos- despite creating "clickable content"? I find that really strange!

And I am not the only one wondering about this.

I also have to add that Erika send (quite aggressive) around 3-4 emails every single day after I attended the masterclass to make me sign up for the bootcamp. I thought that was way too many emails and absolutely ridiculous!!! I only kept them for this post! ;-)

My overall verdict: if you don't understand how to create clickable content (great titles, thumbnails), need guidance to find your niche, need a life coach to push you and really believe in yourself and that you can become big on YouTube, then maybe it is worth trying out Erika's bootcamp. What can you loose? $797 or $1068 to be exact! 

But please don't spend this money if you can not really afford it. Stay realistic. It is not possible that everybody that attends Erika's Zero to Influence YouTube Bootcamp becomes a YouTube Superstar. 😏

Have you joined Erika's bootcamp? I would love to hear about your experience! What are your thoughts? Was it worth it? Are you now a YouTube Superstar? 😁

P. S. English is not my first language and I am sorry if I have grammar mistakes or misspellings in my writing.