NuFACE before & after pics after 60 days!

The NuFACE was gifted to me by in exchange for an Instagram post- however this is my honest opinion!*

I am using the NuFACE Trinity Facial Toning Device (Get it at: Sephora // Skinstore) since 60 days every single morning and today I want to show you some before and after pictures of my face and neck to see the results! I was using the NuFACE on my forehead, my cheeks as well as on my neck. I had very high hopes for my neck- my biggest trouble zone, but also for my nasolabial folds. 

The Trinity Device is an FDA-cleared device that gently stimulates the larger surface areas of your face and neck with microcurrents that improve the look of the face’s contour, tone, and fine lines and wrinkles in as little as five minutes a day. 

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This image explains well, how to use it:

First apply the NuFACE Gel Primer (though I find regular aloe vera gel will work too and is a much cheaper alternative once you are out of the NuFACE gel primer) and then-using medium pressure along the natural contours of the face and light pressure on the neck, glide the Trinity in an upward motion. Target forehead, eyebrows, cheeks, jawline, and neck. Repeat 3x!

Basically I had 6 treatment areas (image 1: left of neck, right of neck, image 2: left cheeks, right cheeks,  image 3: right eyebrows, left eyebrows). The total treatment procedure would take me about 5-6 minutes plus I would do an extra step (take the NuFACE and hold it for 2-3 beeps- as in image 4) on my jawline as well as above my nasolabial folds and my right eye (only on my right eye because my right eye seems to get smaller lol- I did not want to counteract and do the same on my left eye). That step added maybe another 1-2 minutes.

I completely understand that not everybody will have the time to do this every single morning- so in that case maybe the evening is a better time for you to do this treatment? However, in this case you won´t enjoy the immediate "lifting" results as much.

Immediately after using the device I can see- how my face looks "lifted" and the right eye that looks always smaller than my left eye is (temporary) more open. However, that "lift" diminishes within a couple of hours. It feels like the device is "waking up my skin cells" if I should try to explain it - but it does not last all day... unfortunately. NuFACE claims that with continued use this will get better and better.

How does it feel? As long as you apply enough gel, you won´t really feel anything- maybe the slightest pulsing sensation. If you did not apply enough gel primer first, you can get a stronger pulsing sensation that even hurts the slightest bit- almost like a TINY electric shock lol- just trying to describe the feeling for you.

Now let´s get into my before and after pictures and evaluate the results!

Here is a picture of me on September 11th- the day I started using the NuFACE and a picture of today November 16th- exactly 60 days after my first treatment!

Overall I don´t see a big difference in the major appearance. My under-eyes look puffier on the before picture- but I don´t think this has anything to do with the NuFACE- I probably ate salty the day before or had 1 or 2 glasses of wine the night before. 😏 Other than that: the forehead lines, nasolabial folds look pretty much the same to me- but let´s see more detailed pictures now.

Alright: here are my forehead lines up-close. I have 2 lines as well as an extra line on top of each eyebrow. To my eye I see no difference. You?

Here are my nasolabial folds up-close. My nasolabial fold on the right is much deeper than the left one (probably due to my sleeping position). I don´t see a major improvement, but I still do think that overall there is a minimal improvement of my nasolabial folds. They have gotten a tiny bit smoother, but they have definitely not diminished (what I was hoping for lol).

My neck from the side looks the same to me- unfortunately no improvement on the sagging skin! 

However, I do see a noticeable change on the 2 deep lines on my neck! While they are still deep and very visible, they seem to have improved a lot. Rather than many little lines that are within the 2 deep lines, it seems to be 2 very defined lines that look a lot smoother to me than in the before picture- what do you think? 

Personally I was hoping for a bigger change- but I can clearly see a difference on my "tech neck". Hey, it took me 44 years to acquire these deep lines- I might have to be a little more patient to improve them! 

The last before/ after pic is the main reason, why I will keep using the NuFACE and check in with you if it improves even more! I am hoping to get my tech neck further smoothed out. I also hope that my nasolabial folds will improve too.

Overall I don´t think the results are impressive for doing this for 60 days, but I am not giving up! I will at least keep trying for another 60 days to give you another update on this. 

Have you tried the NuFACE? Please share your experience with me! I am curious to know!

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