Simple Zombie Makeup look!

Here's a simple and fast makeup look in case you like to look like a Zombie- hahaha- at least for Halloween! 

1. Use black eyeshadow all around your eyes- no need to be careful and neat! 

2. Use a red lipstick and a thin brush to draw red blood running down your eyes.

3. Add also a couple black lines down your eyes.

4. Apply red lipstick and line them with a black eye pencil.

5. Apply white eye pencil on your eyebrows to make your eyebrows match a white wig!

6. Add a lot of highlighter powder all over your face for that white-cast.

7. Pop on a fun wig and add a zombie wound with liquid latex (apply a layer latex, a bit toilet paper on top, another layer latex, then create a wound and draw on the latex with red lipstick/nail polish whatever you have laying around that looks like blood).

8. I simply distressed an old t-shirt from my hubby, made it dirty with black eyeshadow and put a ketchup hand on as well. 

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