How to make your own dry shampoo!

It is so easy and fast to make your own dry shampoo and it can also save money!

Watch it also on YouTube!

The main reason a dry shampoo works is actually just starch! The starch is able to soak up the grease in your hair! 😏

Here is the simple recipe!

Instead of alcohol you could also use vodka or witch hazel. You can use any kind of starch: corn starch, rice starch, tapioca starch or arrowroot starch.

Use only cocoa powder if you have dark hair (but unsweetened!!!)

Add your favorite essential oil!

Fill it all in a spray bottle and voila your dry shampoo is ready to use!

Even faster: you can also simply use starch and brush it with a makeup brush directly on your roots! Shake your hair- ready! That way you avoid also to put alcohol on your scalp. ;-)

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