Fuck you Instagram.

Sorry I have to rant!!! I’m sick and tired of Instagram! They literally work against us and real engagement! All they want is us to pay for ads! First they change to a stupid algorithm that nobody wants (showing us only posts they want us to see- not that we want to see- including ads of course), then they suppress our posts, if we don’t pay for ads, then they take away music stickers for some accounts  (my music sticker vanished many months ago, but I was still able to use music on Reels when clicking on the "invisible" music button) and now they focus only on Reels and we get no engagement on the grid anymore. 

So I’m trying hard to adapt to everything- having even fun creating Reels and now they just took away my music from my Reels! What do they want?!? 

The ironic thing is that yesterday I complained on Twitter to Instagram that I am getting no engagement on my grid (static posts) but instead only on Reels and I was wondering if Instagram wants us from now on only to do Reels. 

Of course Instagram never responded. You will NEVER EVER get a response from Instagram!!!

And today I wake up and my music feature is completely gone.

Why is that ironic, you ask? Because I was yesterday complaining if I should do only Reels and today they removed the main feature of Reels on my account! So apparently they don't want me on Instagram at all!!! They try to compete with TikTok but they don't let us use music? What?!? Plus they suppress engagement if we don't pay for it! Totally different from TikTok that likes real engagement!

Should I delete my Instagram account or what?!? So angry! Sorry y’all!! 🤬😭

Also: I hate hashtags! How much time have I wasted on Instagram creating stupid hashtags!!! And I am sick and tired of feeling like poop because of the number of likes a post receives!!!

Gosh that felt good! Letting my anger out lol.

Not sure how to proceed with Instagram though. Feeling like quitting. 

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