Hi ladies,
I was actually on the hunt for a chic vanity mirror, but could not really decide which one to get (and they were quite expensive too) and then on a whim πŸ’« I decided to get these really affordable vanity lights, that you can easily install yourself on any mirror! They are so super bright and I am really happy how this turned out! This was meant to be as a temporary fix (until I find what I really want), but I might just leave it as is. But see for yourself!

This Hollywood Style LED Vanity Mirror Lights Kit includes 10 Hollywood style dimmable 4000K LED light bulbs that provide daylight for the perfect makeup application -no matter if it is in the middle of the night πŸŒ” or rains ☔or storms 🌬 outside. It includes a dimmer too- if you find the light too bright. 

The only tricky thing is to try to hide the cables as much as possible behind the mirror. For that I used a little piece of wire behind each light bulb and twisted the cable, as well as taped the cable behind the mirror- otherwise you will have a bunch of cables visible on the front part- so take your time with this!

The set includes super strong 3M double sided tape to simply tape the bulbs onto any mirror.

For $19.99 I find this is a cheap and easy vanity mirror solution! I like it!

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