How to look better in your next ZOOM meeting in 5 minutes! πŸ’»

More people than ever have to meet right now via online conference, such as Zoom. Sure, you are working from home, but you still want to look presentable and professional and don't let your boss or co-workers think you are lazy. So here I have a 5 minute routine for you on how to look better in your next ZOOM meeting!

Many people are asking if ZOOM has a filter, so they can just turn that on and I have good news for you: there is a hidden option to turn on a filter that smoothes out your skin instantly.

1. Open the menu on your Video Settings.

2.  Check on "My Video" the "Touch up my appearance" setting. Ta-da. Everything looks better already! 😊

Below is me without the filter and with the filter. If you are already happy with the result: great! 

However, I think we can do better with minimal makeup!

I recommend doing your makeup in the Zoom viewer (make sure you are not online though), so you can see immediately how it looks. Remember: we are doing these makeup steps solely, so you look better on Zoom- not for real life. Good news: the camera on your computer is much more forgiving than your mirror!

Step 1: Skip the foundation, simply focus on areas on your face that look uneven. Probably your under-eyes. Use minimal concealer only on the areas that need coverage. I applied only a little concealer under my eyes and on my chin.

Step 2: Eyebrows really frame your face. I find a powder in the right shade works the fastest, applied with an angled brush (I used the taupe color "milk chocolate" from the Too Faced Chocolate Bar). Took me probably 30 seconds.

Step 3: Use one coat of mascara - skip the lower lashes. That will only drag your eyes down and make you look tired- plus it saves time!

Step 4: Probably the most important step: apply your favorite lipstick. I think it is best to use a YLBB color (Your Lips but Better). The color won't look very accurate on Zoom anyway- however it gives you definitely fast a more polished look!

πŸ’‘If you wear glasses, put them on and check how you look on ZOOM- you might be able to skip doing your eyebrows and mascara completely, lucky gal! Glasses can give you already the right professional look and hide your tired looking eyes! In that case you only need a little concealer and lipstick!

πŸ’‘Throw on a blazer on top of your stay-at home shirt. It will make you look more polished in an instant. Nobody has to know you are wearing old leggings or shorts (like me) below! 😜

πŸ’‘It is best to wear your hair open, on one side on your shoulder (if long enough), or in a side braid. Don't put it in a ponytail as it will make you look harsher as nobody can see the hair in your back.

Now this 5 minute routine should already make a huge difference- and you will also feel and act more professional in your ZOOM video conference!

πŸ’‘Make sure it isn't cluttered behind you. Either clean the mess up or turn your computer, so your back is facing a wall or door. Nobody wants to see your mess at home. πŸ˜‰

And please don't do what happened in the video below to "Jennifer". 😱

I hope these tips help you! Stay safe y'all! πŸ’–

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