Back Waxing for men: is it worth it?

A couple of weeks ago my husband underwent a professional back waxing treatment and I want to tell you today about his experience! Was it painful and how fast did his hair grow back and was it overall worth it in his opinion?

My poor husband is blessed with a hairy back and he usually shaves it. This was the first time he has tried waxing his back.

A professional back wax can cost between $20-$30 (or you can buy a diy kit for at home) and is supposed to last between 4-6 weeks. The esthetician told us that the hair would grow faster in summer and slower during winter.

The esthetician used Soft wax which is applied with a waxing spatula before being removed using a muslin strip. Soft wax grabs fine hair better, working better on large areas of the body than Hard wax. Unlike Hard wax, Soft wax cannot be applied to the same spot twice because it removes layers of dead skin.

I personally have tried soft wax on my upper lips and you can read here about my experience. Let me tell you only this: the word SOFT does not mean that the procedure is soft IN ANY WAY! Hahaha! Ouch!

My husband agrees: the procedure was so painful for him! The aesthetician first applied the soft wax all over his back and then ripped the hair off with a muslin strip. The strip was really large and ripped out large areas of his back at once. My husband really suffered! Poor hubby! The back got a little red and irritated after and felt numb - even many hours later.

Even the next day while showering he felt a numbness. I do believe this is because the top layer of the skin gets also ripped out (I felt the same on my upper lips).

But the result was truly beautiful: a complete hairless back!

However, we noticed - already after a week - that some of the hair would grow back! Not many, but in unregular patches. We both found that weird and I can only imagine that in those spots the hair did not completely rip out together with the root, but instead just got ripped out on top of the skin- similar to what happens when you shave- just with pain instead. LOL!

That wasn´t a very satisfying result- however, today, 7 weeks later, we have noticed that overall the hair grew back less dense! Really WAY less dense! It seems that some hairs really got ripped out by their root and did not even grow back, while others did not get ripped out by their root and are back. So, 7 weeks later my husbands and my verdict is, that in fact this was a good idea due to the back hair being less dense. We wonder if this might even get better if he tries again- however he is still very scared of the pain!

Have you tried it (or your better half?) Let me know below!

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