Microdermabrasion vs Dermaplaning: which one is better?

I wanted to compare today Microdermabrasion with Dermaplaning- which procedure do I think is better? Both procedures promise to get rid of the top layer of your skin to reveal smoother, younger looking skin. But which one is better suited for your skin and which one delivers better results and is worth its money?


The price can be -depending on the location- vary for both procedures between $75 and $200. However, in many spas the Dermaplaning will be probably a bit cheaper, since it only requires a scalpel and not a fancy microdermabrasion tool.


Let´s start with the Microdermabrasion procedure- what is it?

Microdermabrasion is done with either a diamond tip suction wand (I have also tried at-home microdermabrasion tools -read this review or this review) that sucks in your skin and exfoliates the top layer with the diamond tip- or with a crystal microdermabrasion wand in which super-fine crystals are sent in the microdermabrasion machine, almost like (gentle) sandblasting for your skin!

Do you see the tiny crystals in the tool? Sandblasting for your skin! ;-)

The result for both microdermabrasion procedures: indeed, super smooth baby soft skin!

The downside? The aesthetician has to stretch your skin outward, so she can gently strike with the tool over your skin- it can happen that at times a little spot of your skin gets sucked into the device. If you have sensitive skin that may lead to a little mark on that area or feel for a couple seconds uncomfortable.

Also: I find that it is a little difficult to navigate the tool in a way that really every area of your face gets treated the same, to achieve an even result- some areas might even get treated more than others, because it is nearly impossible to exactly strike the tool only on areas you haven´t treated already, and the opposite is true too: some areas might not get treated at all. This is not a major problem- but I just don´t find it very “accurate” in treating every single area of your face.

I would say that the result of baby smooth skin lasted for about a week or so.


Now let´s talk about Dermaplaning!

Dermaplaning on the other hand is literally scraping off the top layer of skin with a sterile scalpel- sounds scary? It really isn't! I found it so satisfying to watch my aesthetician scrape of all the top layers of my skin! It does not hurt and is not uncomfortable in any way.

Another major advantage: during the Dermaplaning procedure the peach fuzz gets also scraped away! A big yay to that! Never did my skin get “sucked” in at any area (like with the Microdermabrasion procedure) and I felt my aesthetician did a fabulous job treating every single area of my face evenly. The result felt even and perfect. Furthermore, the result of baby smooth skin was visible and “feelable” for many weeks- I´d say for 3 weeks.

My winner?

Definitely Dermaplaning! Not only might this be -depending on your spa- a cheaper treatment, but I felt it gave me a much better result! You can see how much skin the aesthetician scraped off, you can see immediate results and feel them and I absolutely love that the peach-fuzz gets scraped off in the same procedure. The results last longer than the microdermabrasion too.

However: if you have very sensitive skin, then maybe Microdermabrasion might be the more gentle “beginner” version for you! You will also get just as good results with an at-home microdermabrasion tool!

Which procedure did you like better? Let me know below!

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