My Philips ZOOM! Teeth Whitening experience with before and after!

I recently had an in-office Philips Zoom! Teeth Whitening treatment done and I wanted to share my experience with you with before and after pictures! As we get older it is natural that our teeth become slightly yellow, but I am glad we can do something about it. Yellow teeth can make you look older too!

What is Philips Zoom!?

Philips Zoom is clinically proven to whiten teeth up to eight shades in 45 minutes. It is one of the fastest ways to create brighter, healthier smiles. It uses light-accelerated technology to speed up the whitening process.

What does Philips Zoom cost?

Zoom! sessions cost on average around $500, but that price could be as low as $250 or more than $1,000 depending on where you live and who you see.

My Philips Zoom experience:

After the inspection of my teeth and evaluating the color of my teeth (apparently my teeth were "A2" before the whitening), a custom tray for the at-home whitening kit was prepared to maintain my white teeth that I would achieve in this office visit.

Then my dental hygienist polished my teeth and started to get the mouth-prop ready, so my mouth would stay wide open and she could "do her thing". ;-)

First she applied something on my gums to protect them from the whitening gel. She really took her time, so I would not have any issues with my gums. Then she applied the whitening gel on my teeth. Then she put the Philips blue LED light-accelerated lamp right on my teeth and I would have to wait 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes she removed the gel, and the procedure was repeated (another new layer of the whitening gel was applied and I had to sit another 15 minutes with the blue light). And then the same process for a third time, so a total of 3x15 minutes=45 minutes under the blue light with my mouth wide open. It can be a bit boring y'all! I did not feel any discomfort - except for being bored- during my procedure at all- only once a little sensitivity for a second or two.

But I was really glad when this was finally over, because it is a long time to just sit around (I was able to watch tv... but still!) I was told that in some cases (depending on the yellowness of the teeth) they do even 4 treatments in a session (totaling to 60 minutes).

Here is my result right after the 45 minutes. I went from a A2 to a B1!

Before: my teeth were identified as "A2"

After: my teeth were identified as "B1"

My before and after picture! 😱

Pretty amazing results! I was then provided the Philips Zoom at-home whitening kit that contains the customized custom tray, as well as the Relief ACP Oral Care Gel to help manage sensitivity and the NiteWhite whitening gel as well as 4 pills of Ibuprofen. I was told to start using the tray with the whitening gel the same night to achieve even whiter teeth.

My Philips Zoom! Patient Post Care & Maintenance kit

About half an hour later -on my way home- I had a shock-like pain in one of my front teeth. That was pretty uncomfortable! It seemed that my teeth were very sensitive to cold air- so I would literally stop talking (I was in the car with my husband driving home). I think my husband liked me being quiet for once! ;-)

Unfortunately the weird shock-like pain came multiple times during the next hours and it really wasn't a nice feeling. I did not feel like eating or drinking, because whenever I opened my mouth, I felt immediate discomfort.

Hot wasn´t good, cold wasn´t good. My teeth were ultra sensitive to anything. I ended up warming up my water for a couple of seconds in the microwave, so it would be about room temperature. I also had to take every 4 hours Ibuprofen against the discomfort. I ended up not using the customized tray that night, but I used the Relief ACP gel that is supposed to help with the sensitivity.

Also: not only had I anyway issues eating anything, but I received a list of things that I wasn´t allowed to eat or drink for the next 48 hours after the treatment: coffee, tea, mustard, ketchup, red wine, soy sauce, berries, red sauce.

Instead I was allowed to eat (a "white diet"): chicken, tuna, rice, milk, cheese, potatoes, apples. My biggest issue was: to not drink coffee in the morning! 😲

The next day: the same thing. I was still getting from time to time shock-like pain. Each time on a different tooth. Very uncomfortable. That day I could again barely eat or drink... slowly by the evening it was finally getting better and then the next day: I was finally back to normal.🙋

My verdict: 

I mean: I love my white teeth! The result is amazing and I haven´t even used the at-home kit yet. I think it is pretty cool, that I received my own little at-home kit to maintain my white teeth! Good to know: not everybody will have the discomfort that I experienced after the treatment. Philips states on their website that 99% of patients surveyed experienced little to no sensitivity with Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed. I guess I am one of the 1%! ;-)

My teeth 3 days after the treatment- picture not retouched!

Have you ever had an in-office teeth whitening treatment done? How was your experience?

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