Best photo equipment for Bloggers/Youtubers

I am blogging on here since 2013 and have a YouTube channel since 2014- so I have tried many different cameras and lighting equipment over the years for those perfect photos or videos! So today I thought I will make it easier for you, if you are starting a blog or a YouTube channel and give you my personal list of my best photo equipment recommendations to get amazing professional looking photos (or video) of either yourself (wohoo selfies!) or of products that you need to shoot!


The Neewer Ring Light kit includes a 18" dimmable LED Ring light that works fantastic, even on a rainy day. It even includes a tripod on which you can attach any camera or smartphone. Works great to get that flawless face for YouTube but also for that selfie! This comes with white and orange filters that you can attach to the ring light- try them out which one works best for you and makes you look the best! Personally I always use the white filters.

No need to spend double the price for the original Diva light- this one does the trick just fine. I have mine since 2 years and it still works perfect- nothing broke! It even includes a nice carrying bag if you ever need to travel with it.


Obviously you need an amazing camera to achieve professional shots- I´ll recommend a DSLR camera for sure. I am loving the Canon T6i. This one includes Wifi for easy access from your smartphone! If you set it on "Portrait" you will be able to shoot amazing selfies (you can turn the screen in every direction) as it will make your skin look softer but also focus on your face and blur the background. But if you use the macro setting- you will be able to make the most perfect looking product shots.

This camera works also great to shoot video and it is so sharp and even the sound quality is outstanding. Overall a true winner!


A remote control for your camera is great to shoot selfies as you can have the camera a little further away from your face, which helps not to emphasize all the wrinkles you and I have. ;-)


2 umbrella lights are what gets the picture- no matter if photo or video- perfect. Put the ring light in front of your face or product, and right and left of you (or the product) an umbrella light and you are all set with perfect lighting in any room- or weather situation! (Little tip if you shoot video: one light in the back of your head will make your face look softer!).

There you go! These were my best photo equipment recommendations for Bloggers/YouTubers!

Happy blogging/vlogging!

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