How to make your eyebrows look like twins!

Have you ever tried brow stencils? Sounds like something that can finally help us to get even eyebrows fast! Who does not want to finally end the struggle to achieve those even eyebrows. Brows that don´t look like distant cousins- but brows that look like twins! Been there, done that. No matter, how much time I invested, or which products I used, I always ended up having 2 brows, that do not look the same.

Well, even without putting anything on my brows, my eyes and my eyebrows simply don´t look the same. So, are brow stencils the solution to make my eyebrows finally look like twins?

My first try was with the Cherry Blooms Mineral Fiber Brows and I used the Cherry Blooms brow stencil in "natural thick". The mineral fiber brows are somewhat messy. No matter, how careful and gentle I try to pull the doe-applicator out the tube- I always get a huge fiber spill everywhere. Applied on top of my brows though, the fibers works pretty well, stick well but don´t create a huge mess on the rest of my face either. Easy to apply too.

However- I did not find that the result was very well defined- the outlines were rather messy. And eventhough I used the exact same stencil on both of my eyebrows, it still did not look perfectly even to me. But see for yourself!

I did not think the result was bad- but still not as exact as I wanted it to be (and the color was off in my opinion too- too much red) and so I wanted to give the stencil another try with my favorite eyebrow product: the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pomade $18 in blonde (that I bought about 3 years ago and still have not finished! Wow!).

This time I used the "thin" stencil as I don´t like my brows to be too heavy accentuated (I find that makes my face look very harsh).

Immediately I found it was easier to paint the pomade on top of the stencil- much easier than with the fibers. And here is the result (third pic below).

Personally I was pretty happy with the result! It was fast and simple to do and I would say that my brows almost look like twins too!

My verdict is: if you struggle to get even eyebrows, brow stencils might do the trick and help you to achieve 2 almost identical brows. But I definitely would say you need something like the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pomade as this is easy to "paint" over the stencils! ;-)

Have you ever tried brow stencils?

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