How to make mascara last longer!

Here is a little simple trick to make your mascara last longer! It´s fast, easy to do and cheap! But first a little disclaimer:

Mascara is a product that you should throw away after around 3 month, since we are applying it so close to our eyes and don´t want to cause an eye-infection. Please don´t use this method to overextend the use of the mascara for longer than the 3 month range. This trick is for you, if your mascara either feels dry before the 3 month mark, or if you ran out of mascara and this is only a temporary solution and you will get yourself a new tube of clean fresh mascara ASAP! OK? Great! ;-)

Alright, all you need to do to make your dry mascara feel like new again is: add a couple drops of lubricant eye drops! 1-3 drops will do. Put it right in the tube, then close the mascara, give it a shake and voilá: your mascara will feel like reborn! ;-)

BTW: the Too Faced Better than Sex is my absolute favorite go-to mascara! Gives lengths and volume! Highly recommend!

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