One Two Lash Magnetic Lashes Review: do these really work?

I was really curious to try out the One Two Lash Magnetic Lashes ($69) because I suck in applying false lashes. Finally some lashes that don´t need the hassle of lash glue. Just pop them on and you are ready in one- two seconds? It sounds so easy! But is it?

What it is:
A set of two pairs of easy-to-wear lashes with no glues or adhesives required.

What it promises:
These lashes are ultra-lightweight and can be worn multiple times. The magnetic applicator allows for easy application, and the magnetic case protects and stores the lashes.

I picked the Original Lash (also called FOUNDER’S LASH) that offers full volume and length.

My experience:

I bought these magnetic lashes back in December 2018 and I have tried to put them on since then so many times! The lashes come with a magnetic lash applicator- but this tool wasn´t helpful to me either. I tried and tried and tried. With applicator, without, holding first the bottom lash and then the top lash- the other way around- every method I found online possible...

I have had so many issues to apply these lashes...

But even with the help of my husband, it has never ever brought me a result, that I would feel comfortable walking out the door with.

These are the magnetic lash applicators- absolutely not helpful in my opinion

Issues are:

  • the magnetic part of the lashes is only in the middle- so the right and left side of the lash is always stiff and sticking out (instead of having a natural curve)
  • the magnetic part is very visible on my tiny eyes
  • I was never able to place the lashes really close to my natural lash line 
  • the magnets ripped a couple of my real lashes out, while removing the false lashes (something I thought I would avoid with magnetic lashes!)

Because pictures speak louder than words, check these out, a typical result- I did not on purpose apply them like this to make them look bad! I tried really hard to apply them correct, but I always ended up kinda like this:

I was never able to place the lashes close enough to my lash-line. 

So overall for me these One Two Lash Magnetic Lashes did not work. Many of you told me on my Instagram that you could never figure out, how to make them work either.

But I have read many positive reviews and I do wonder, if they work better, if you have very big eyes and not small and hooded eyes like mine?

Have you tried them? Love 'em hate 'em?

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