I admit: I am scrolling a lot through Instagram! And I have noticed that the makeup application get´s wilder and crazier by the week! The girls are literally pouring oils or the foundation onto their faces! I guess to get attention and because it looks very dramatic in a video! It is all about getting likes...

And the makeup itself also looks more and more dramatic- though it reminds me often on drag queens. So I thought -just for fun- I do one side of my face like Instagram wants me to do my makeup and the other side how I would do my own makeup in comparison!

Watch it also on YouTube!

I wasn´t surprised that the Instagram side isn´t very flattering on me. Maybe I am too old! ;-) This was anyway just a little fun project! Don´t take it too serious!

So, what´s different in the Instagram world vs. the real world?

Here is what you have to do in the Instagram world:

1. You have to pour out (literally!) oil on your face (to prime it)
2. You have to pour (lots and lots of) foundation on your face
3. You have to create the "Instabrow" (bigger is better!)
4. You have to conceal your under-eyes with a giant "V"
5. You have to draw the biggest cat eye possible (even if impossible!)
6. You have to tape the outer corner of your eyes to compete with drag queens
7. You overdraw your lips to look like Kylie Jenner!
8. You need a purple shimmering highlighter that makes you look like a unicorn.
9. You have to contour your face and nose! Hollow cheeks and slim noses are hip.
10. You have to wear cat ears to look cute while doing your makeup.

I guess I will stay in the real world for now! If you happen to like any of these Instagram rules- that is OK by me too! ;-)