Pixi asked me (and other influencers of course too!) to create my own favorite lipstick color and I went all out to find the perfect shade! What amazed me, is that all the gorgeous Pixi MatteLast Liquid Lip colors (these perform btw amazing- read my review) are made out of only 4 base shades: red, brown, yellow and white! Who would´ve thought?

These are the base shades that are able to create all the beautiful colors below! WOW!

Yep, all these are made out of 4 colors only! Pretty amazing, don´t you think?

So, I started mixing randomly colors together and see if I am lucky with a beautiful shade! You can watch the process on my Instastory!

Really interesting how yellow can make the color look actually quite nice! It softens the color very much. A white gives an instant "neon effect"- you know red and white create a really bright neon pink. Gosh, I had so much fun mixing, if you can´t tell!

Look at me go! Mixing and finding the perfect shade!

I created a total of 6 shades!

But only 2 of them caught really my eye: a beautiful mauve-fuchsia and a light beige coral!

Could this color be a future addition to the Pixi MatteLast Liquid Lips? ;-)

On my lips they looked like this:

I added here a pop of clear gloss! ;-)

The dark fuchsia is so gorgeous y'all but the coral color is such a wearable everyday color! I love them both so much!!!

I will send one of these colors to Pixi because Petra (the founder of Pixi) will select one shade as the inspiration for a future addition to the MatteLast Liquid Lip Collection! How cool is that? A Pixi by Sissi shade? Oh my goodness! #PixibySissi ;-)

I just can´t decide which color I should send? The gorgeous mauve-fuchsia or the easy to wear coral? What do you think? Or I send both! Haha!

This was anyway fun!

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