My Makeup bag from 5 years ago and would I repurchase this? #TIMETRAVEL

I found this picture on my old computer and I thought this was really funny and interesting! This is a picture of my makeup bag from 2013- a time when I only have just started to write this blog! And- as the picture probably clearly shows- I wasn´t even a big makeup fan or user! I kept it simple and cheap lol! This was literally ALL the makeup I had! (Today I have drawers full lol- as you can see here)

That Nivea tinted moisturizer was my go-to foundation for many years! I did not use any other foundations back then! Same goes for that Loreal lip gloss! I repurchased that a million times. Oh and the eyeshadow palette? That was my favorite one and I got it from Dollar tree for- you guessed it- $1! Ha! Beat that!

After I have tried now for 5 years so much makeup, I thought I re-evaluate the makeup that I used to use and see, if I would use this today or if I really only used crap back then! ;-)

So, let´s travel in time and see what I would improve and where I was maybe right in 2013!

1. Nivea tinted moisturizer: you know my -once- staple I would not repurchase- first off: it is not available in the U.S. and therefor a hassle (or too expensive) to get- but also: the color is actually a bit too dark for me and it isn´t the best choice for my oily t-zone either. Maybe I have simply gotten older and I need something better than this! So, what is my replacement? While I love many foundations (see my recommendations for ladies over 40), my everyday go-to is the IT Cosmetics CC cream for sure! Contains SPF 50 and provides amazing coverage!

2. Profusion bronzing pearls: I remember I bought this giant bronzer set by Profusion at Ross back in 2013 and I honestly thought this was a good product. The color was maybe a hint orange but it still looked pretty natural- however I love my Physicians Formula Murumuru Butter Bronzer (smells like coconut yummy!) even better and stick to it! ;-)

3. Nivea creme: yes, totally still use this one! My favorite eye cream for my super dry eye area! I like to apply this before my concealer to get that slip, you know! ;-) Read here 7 more amazing uses of Nivea!

4. Covergirl Olay concealer: I remember that I loved this stuff! If this would still be available, I would totally get it! A great dupe for this is the benefit Airbrush concealer!

5. Eyeshadow Palette from Dollar tree: I just love my Too Faced Chocolate Bar too much! No, I would not repurchase this $1 palette. I have to admit: today I am a little scared of what crap might be in this cheapo. Who knows what I smeared there on my eyes for years! LOL!

6. Covergirl eyebrow pencil: Oh no! I remember to this day that this pencil ripped some of my eyebrow hairs out! Ouch! NO! I would never ever repurchase this! My favorite eyebrow product? The Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pomade! I used to think it is overrated, but I find it looks super natural and most importantly: this jar lasts for me forever! I am talking years! I use mine since 2 years and still have so much product in it (at some point it got a bit dry and I just sprayed some rubbing alcohol in it to soften it)! The $18 seem scary at first- but this lasts forever -all the while a brow pencil lasts only a couple of weeks or month!

7. Grey eye pencil: can´t see the brand. I wouldn´t reach for a grey anymore. Either a black or maybe a brown or even a teal. But grey? No thanks! Haha! I like the Lancome Drama Liqui Pencils: they apply like a liquid but once they are dry, they don´t move or smudge at all!

8. Loreal lip gloss: I liked this gloss. It was brown and glittery, but I usually like to stick today to a lipstick that is a little more pigmented and lasts! It was sticky too. But since I am not a big gloss fan anymore I would not repurchase this. I believe this is still available though! ;-)

9. Maybelline Mascara (not sure which one): one of the items where I today like to go high-end is mascara! Totally a big fan of the Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara (though not a fan of the name)! There´s no mascara like that! Nope- I would not buy that Maybelline Mascara again. I remember my lashes looked like glued together- you know what I mean? It did not separate my lashes and did not make them longer. All it did was painting them black lol. What a difference the Too Faced Mascara makes! It gives my lashes volume like WOW!

Wasn´t this fun? Have you used any of my old products too?

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