How amazing would it be to use skin care that is actually matched specifically to your own DNA? This would completely take the guesswork out of your skin care.  Well, guess what? Targeted Skin makes it possible and 5 of you will receive your own DNA Test Kit & Report! And how do they get their hands on your DNA?

All you have to do is send in a simple cheek swab sample (provided in your test kit). Targeted Skin will then examine 15 skin-related genetic markers involving aging and your appearance. Based on your DNA, they match your results to specific Targeted Skin products. How exciting is that?

My experience:

After I provided Targeted Skin my swab sample (via mail) and activating it online via the provided barcode (so no mix-up is possible!), I was anxiously awaiting the results. No worries: clear instructions on the process are provided.

3 weeks later, I received a big box with my own genetically matched Targeted Skin Care products, which included: the Reviving Mint Cleanser, the Brightening Scrub, the Radiate Serum, the Brightening Day Moisturizer as well as the Balancing Night Cream.

The Reviving Mint Cleanser smells super fresh like Peppermint and cools and refreshes and gently lathers my skin! This paraben-, phthalate-, gluten- and sulfate- free cleanser also gently (chemically) exfoliates the skin as it includes 3 Alpha Hydroxy Acids.

The Brightening Scrub has the perfect consistency and grittiness and is super effective at clearing pores, smoothing out appearance of fine lines, and brightening dull, fatigued skin that smells fresh and clean.

The Radiate Serum contains ingredients such as a combination of botanicals, along with L-carnitine, to help to provide a perfect balance of brightening and firming benefits to your skin. This is a thin liquid that absorbs easy and fast.

The Brightening Day Moisturizer features Vitamin C, my absolute favorite antioxidant to achieve an even skin tone (yes, it gets rid of brown spots!). This is a non-greasy lotion that absorbs fast and leaves my skin feel smooth and silky.

The Balancing Night Cream contains Niacinamide, which can help to improve the appearance of pores and fine lines. This hydrating lotion is great for skin prone to redness and sensitivity.

My overall verdict:

I have been using my genetically matched skin care products for 2 weeks and my skin feels absolutely wonderful: it is hydrated, balanced and healthy and fresh. I guess my DNA knows what is good for my skin! You could say: Targeted Skin is changing the world of skin care- one gene at a time! ;-)

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Are you ready to get your own DNA Test kit & Report? This is a $75 value! You will also receive a Targeted Skin glass water bottle, Targeted Skin sample size Sunscreen with SPF 30 and a fun Targeted Skin T-shirt!

There will be 5 winners! U.S. residents only! Good luck!

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Disclaimer: Thank you Targeted Skin for sponsoring this post. All my opinions. Read my full disclosure.