Skin Care that even the most stubborn men will love (and why you will use it too!)

My husband is not much of a guy that wants a complicated skin care routine in his life, that would involve many complicated steps, yet he likes his skin to look healthy and clean. I believe most men will fall in this category and want a quick, simple and easy skin care routine without any fuss. However, it isn´t that easy to find a skin solution made just for men. So, I was really curious to see, how well my man would do, trying out a 3-step skin care routine by Skin Co.! Would he forget to use it? Would he enjoy it and stick to his new routine or even notice a difference on his skin?

So I let my husband try a skin care routine by Skin Co. for 2 weeks to see how he likes it. The items were customized to his skin type (combination skin- just like his wife!) and they even printed his name on the products. I really like the minimalistic black glass containers, and they very much appealed to my husband too!

His new skin care routine consisted of:

1. Charcoal Cleanser
2. Exfoliating Rub
3. Moisturizing Balm

I had to explain to my husband which product to use first, as he really isn´t very familiar with a skin care routine and to keep it simple, I told him, to remember the colors: first silver (cleansing), then black (exfoliating) and then white (moisturizer). But have no fear, because Skin Co.  provides clear instructions and a usage manual for men that aren't familiar with skincare (each product comes with a little card that shows how much product to use and where to apply and when to use it).

To my own surprise my husband started really enjoying his nightly skin care routine! He felt that the cleanser made his face squeaky clean and enjoyed the gentle exfoliator (it´s a chemical exfoliator that has to be massaged for 20 seconds on dry skin). The moisturizing balm provided him with the needed hydration. In fact: he started literally to look forward to his nightly routine and found it pleasant and relaxing.

I do have to say, that I enjoyed it myself very much too, because -lucky me- Skin Co. send me also skin care products (the same ones, because I also have combination skin) and it was quite a lot fun to do our skin care routine together at night! Usually I am all alone doing my regular (a little more complicated) nightly skin care routine. ;-)

I am loving how fresh my face feels after the cleanser and how clean all the products smell. The cleanser is actually quite amazing: a tiny amount foams up so nicely and makes my face so deep clean, but without making it feel stiff and stripped from its natural balance. The exfoliator is super gentle and it is recommended to use twice a week, but I see no issue using this every night. The moisturizer is deeply hydrating and I really needed only the tiniest amount of this. So, this 3-step system will probably last me (and my husband) easily for about 2 month, as I find the products very concentrated.

This is really dead simple skincare for men, truly designed for guys, who don't know where to start.  I love that the items are customized to your men´s needs but they are also personalized (like I said earlier: they literally printed his name on the products- what great gift idea!) and the packaging definitely feels very masculine and “manly”.

You can buy the products separate as well, however since men are likely to forget to repurchase, they offer a monthly subscription box as well.

Skin.Co offers a 1 month free trial for the Collection Boxes - what a great way to try this system out! (After 1 month it is $24 per month -a new box is shipped every 2 month- free shipping).

Finally an easy enough simple skin care routine for even the most stubborn men! Can´t wait for our nightly “get together” in our bathroom! ;-)

Disclaimer: Thank you Skin Co. for sponsoring this post. I received the products mentioned above for free. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Read my full disclosure.