Who wants to have rosegold hair for a day- or three? Me! Me! Me! ;-) Loreal Colorista Spray ($9.99) makes that easily happen! This is a temporary hair color spray that allows you to instantly get bold looks when you want them and how you want them without the commitment. Just spray, play, wash, repeat. It comes in 10 super fun colors and I just had to try rosegold!

on my lips: Mac Smoked Almond- my absolute favorite currently!

If you are trying to do a rosegold braid like me- I recommend to not doing it like me- that is: spraying it directly on the braid- no! I thought that turned out a little messy (since the color also got on my neck- see above)- so I highly suggest to first spray your hair and then braid it! ;-) Lesson learned!

I do think that the nozzle could´ve be made a little better. See that piece sticking out (below)- that makes the color spray out in a stream rather than in a fine mist.

I wish the nozzle would be spraying a fine mist instead of this stream!

On my first day the color was a really dark rosegold, but it definitely looked a bit shiny, glittery and ... fake! You know like a cheap wig! ;-)

However, on the next day my hair looked much better! When I unbraided my braid- it revealed a much more lighter pastel rosegold that I absolutely loved!

And because I did not wash my hair for 3 days (read why I barely wash my hair)- the hair looked still stunning on day 3, which you can see here:

This is day 3- without washing my hair!

Day 3!

Looks like I was happy! ;-)

Still day 3 but in a bun! Thought that was cute too!

On day 4 I washed my hair and the color came all out- no residue whatsoever. Easy peasy!

I definitely think this is a super fun way to try out a new color- either because you are scared of the commitment of a new permanent color or maybe to see if you really like the color before you decide to do it permanent! Depending on you hair the bottle will probably only last 2-3 times.

Just be careful to not spray this on your clothes- I recommend doing it outside or at least in the bathroom with an old towel around you! And don´t touch your hair until dry or you end up having the color all over your hands!

Actually, I thought the result was so pretty, that I also got my hands now on the silver one! Will try soon and show you the results! ;-)

Which color would you try ($9.99 at Ulta!)

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