I have today the best natural nail polish colors for you! I find natural and nude colors the easiest to wear on a daily basis- they are always appropriate, feel timeless and elegant to me. Also: natural colors are much more forgivable once they start chipping! These colors look clean and make you look... well, simply polished! Let´s get to my favorite ones!

1. LeChat Royal Tea: A milky taupe cream! Super elegant, isn´t it?

2. China Glaze Note to Selfie: A rose-brown cream! This color looks so very sophisticated!

3. Butter London Shop Girl: A light beige cream! If I would have to wear one color for the rest of my life- this one would be it! I find it so classy but also kinda sexy! ;-)

4. Wet n Wild French White Cream: a classic white! Can´t go wrong with a simple white!

5. China Glaze Rainbow: a sheer ivory with strong iridescent pink to purple shimmer. If you are looking for a little shine- this one is easy to wear and the light purple colors also help to get rid of any yellow tones you might have on your nails! ;-)

6. LeChat French Vanilla: A light beige-pink cream. This is the classic muted baby pink! How much prettier can it get?

What is your favorite natural nail polish color?

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