Yes, it is true: our cosmetics law here in the U.S. turns 80- but that is absolutely no reason to celebrate- quite the opposite: it is very embarrassing in my opinion! Why? Well, since 80 years the law has not been updated to reflect the dramatic changes in the personal care products industry and the FDA restricts only 11 substances, compared to the more than 1,400 chemicals banned or restricted in Europe! This is the reason I reach for the German Nivea instead of the American version (read here about it).

You know, 80 years ago Americans paid 25 cents a ticket to see Greta Garbo in Camille, they made an annual average of $1731 to buy their brand new $3900 home, and paid Harvard University $420 per year to send their kid to college. Gosh, wouldn´t that be nice?

But Times have changed. It’s past time to update our cosmetics law!

Some of the ingredients commonly used in the beauty industry today have been linked to harmful health effects. It’s time for beauty that is made better! It’s simply outrageous that cosmetics companies can put just about any chemical in personal care products, no matter how dangerous it is.

Right now, cosmetics companies can put just about anything in their products – even chemicals associated with cancer and endocrine disruption!!!

Senators Dianne Feinstein and Susan Collins have introduced a bill that would require cosmetics companies to prove that their products are safe, before marketing them and would give the FDA the power to review risky ingredients. I absolutely support this bill!

While no bill is perfect, the Personal Care Products Safety Act will provide the FDA many of the tools the agency needs to protect consumers from dangerous chemicals in everyday products.

Please TAKE ACTION AND SIGN the Personal Care Products Safety Act.

Can you believe nothing has changed in 80 years?