I just bought a new metal fur stool for my makeup vanity and it looks like my Lissy loves it just as much as I do! It was only $34.99 (at Ross!). I love the 60s vibe of the metal and the fur is super cozy too (Lissy thinks so too)!

I thought while at it, I´ll show my makeup vanity setup (you can see my old set up here- everything got a little lighter and fresher now and I am including lot´s of très chic gold!)

"I´m the Queen here!"

"Smells good too!"

Lilly seems skeptical! ;-)

On top of my vanity I have a Gold marble tray with my favorite perfumes. Currently using the most: Elizabeth Arden White Tea- flowery but still clean and fresh. Perfect for summer!

I just love my new makeup vanity set up! BTW: I recently cleaned out so much makeup, you guys! I also stopped buying makeup- I think my last splurge was the Too Faced Chocolate Gold in December! Wow. Obviously some makeup items (like mascara) will need to get re-purchased- but overall I am really rather using up all the makeup that I still have, than buying even more (if you are struggling to fight the urge of buying too much makeup, you should check out my Minimalism Test). Now I have only my absolute favorite makeup in that vanity drawer! I love it!

How do you like my makeup vanity set up? Yay or Nay?

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