I´m too old for Olay? #RANT

I´m too old for Olay? What? How can that be? Isn´t Olay skin care made for aging skin? Confused? So am I! Let me explain. A couple of month ago there was a blogger campaign by Olay: "the Olay 28 day challenge". I was super excited and applied.

However: I was never accepted into that campaign. Bummer! Obviously this can happen. The brand can decide with whom they like to work with and maybe they thought I am not a good fit. I mean it can also be that my blog numbers weren´t good enough for them (although they are alright lol) or who knows what turned them off. I can not expect every brand to accept me as their influencer- clearly!

However, after I saw who actually was accepted into the campaign (just search #olay28day on Instagram), I was very surprised to see that ONLY ladies that are much younger than me were accepted! Millenniums but also bloggers that are in their 20s! The oldest lady that I could find was 34 years old! And I know a whole bunch of blogger ladies that are above 40 (check some out here)- apparently none of us were accepted into that campaign! How weird?

Was that the reason that I wasn´t accepted into the campaign? Because I am too old? This makes me really sad! Does Olay think that older ladies can´t be good bloggers or influencers or do they not want to use our old sad faces? I find it so strange, since Olay is a skin care brand that I thought is made for mature women? Or not? Is Olay intended for 20 year olds? Really?

Considering Olay chose Model Jesinta Campbell (age 26) as their newest spokesperson this totally fit´s into their scheme.

Ageless? With 26 years old? Obviously!

I was briefly chatting in the morning with another blogger girlfriend about this and she admitted to me, that she always claims on campaigns that she is 34 (instead of 47) to get accepted! How crazy is that? While I thought that is a smart thing to do of her, I find it at the same time so very sad!

Do I have to lie about my age to get accepted into an anti-aging skin care campaign? But what do people think, if I say I am 34. LOL! That could backfire like this: "Well, the skin care seems not to work well on her." LOL!

Anyway, I am trying to take this with a good load of sarcasm, but can´t help, but feel really left out.... and OLD!

Obviously Olay isn´t the only brand that goes for the youngsters. We all have seen brands like to use a 20 year old for their anti-aging skin care ads. Like Kendell Jenner (age 22!!!) needs some anti-aging eye patches. Ridiculous, really!

Kendell Jenner, a 22 year old for Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair- as if she would need it...

But the good news is that some brands are making finally a change. Lancome recently re-hired 65 year old Isabella Rossellini (ironically after firing her with 43 cause she was too old).

Isabella Rossellini got fired by Lancome when she turned 43 cause she was too old!

And then re-hired with 65! Yay!

And Loreal is using Helen Mirren in their ads (71 years old). Bravo and Thank you Loreal!

Helen Mirren is with 71 years a wonderful spokesperson for Loreal Age Perfect!

So, here´s from me a quick "Yay" to those brands that got it right and a quick "Boo" for those that don´t! ;-)

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