The Fillerina Neck and Cleavage Treatment is a 14 day treatment to use at home to get rid of wrinkles and the sagging of neck and cleavage. And I am the perfect candidate to try this product, because I have these 2 giant circular wrinkles on my neck that really start to bother me! Actually my neck is aging faster than my face! LOL!

Fillerina claims that results last for 3 to 4 months. It is recommended to repeat the treatment before this, however, when the product is still in the skin instead of starting all over again. The more you use Fillerina, the better and more results will continue to show.  Fillerina even compares its results with Restylane and Juvederm (though I don´t think you can use fillers on your neck?).

Fillerina claims "the difference is that, while Restylane and Juverderm use very large molecules of HA, Fillerina’s formula contains varying sizes of HA, from very small to the same large size, which penetrate all layers of the skin. Office fillers are large and injected, which creates an instant plump and can be overdone. Fillerina penetrates all layers and takes 14 to 21 days to plump the skin and bring it back to the level it was 5 to 10 years ago."

Sounds promising! I tried the Fillerina Neck and Cleavage Treatment for 14 days and will tell you today my thoughts on this.

So, what is Fillerina actually? 

It´s a no-needle, dermo-cosmetic filler developed for at-home use. It contains six hyaluronic acids that vary in weight and structure to facilitated the plumping of the tissue. The Fillerina Neck and Cleavage Treatment is available in 2 grades:
Grade 4 for Circular wrinkles and deep furrows on neck and cleavage. Marked relaxation and sagging of the skin ($175) and
Grade 5 for Circular wrinkles and very deep furrows on neck and cleavage. Severe relaxation and sagging of the skin ($205). I tested Fillerina Neck and Cleavage Treatment in Grade 4.

Packaging Pros and Cons:

Immediately the packaging appears "very professional"- you know you get in this treatment set 2 glass bottles that look just like medicine vials. 1 glass bottle contains the gel and the other a lotion. And then there are the 2 applicators that looks just like a syringe (but don´t get scared: there is no needle!).

At first I thought this applicator is just a gimmicky was to apply the products, but it turns out that the applicator is really quite helpful: this way you are able to draw everytime the exact amount you need and - more importantly-  the applicator is so helpful in squeezing the product exactly into the wrinkles (see picture below of my neck and the gel).

However: I do have to say that I had some trouble in opening the glass bottles, as there were absolutely no instruction on how to do that. They were closed completely vacuum sealed and then contained a rubber lid (you know exactly like a medicine vial!) on which I wasn´t sure, if it should stay on or not. I had to google that. Turns out that you don´t keep that. You completely break off the seal and remove it with the grey little rubber lid.

BTW: it is recommended to drink 2 glasses of water before the treatment at night because Hyaluronic Acid absorbs 1000 times its weight in water.

How to use Fillerina?

Step 1: 

After you cleansed your neck and towel dried it, draw up with the applicator 1ml of the Replenishing Effect gel and apply it directly onto the wrinkles and let it sit there for 10 minutes. The instructions want another 1 ml of the gel applied onto the cleavage- however I don´t have any issues there (yet) and so I skipped my cleavage area.

The Step 1 feels and looks just like a clear gel. Sometimes I experienced a little tingling sensation- at other times I only felt the coolness of the gel. After 10 minutes you are to pat in (don´t rub as it can pile up) the leftovers.

Step 2: 

Once the gel is completely absorbed, you can use the Nourishing Film. I did have major issues getting this lotion (that smells amazing refreshing) out with the applicator (both applicators in the set are exactly the same)- so I decided to simply pour it into my fingers and apply. The "syringe-applicator" is not really a good choice for a thicker lotion in my opinion. You should use again 1ml for the neck and 1ml for the cleavage (but I skipped the cleavage area).

I did find that 1ml of the Nourishing Film is a lot to put on my neck! I experienced that this can pile up, as it is just simply too much lotion to apply on my neck.

Overall though easy enough, isn´t it?

But did this treatment help, after I tried it for 14 days?

Here is the before and after picture:

You be the judge! Do you see a difference?

I do have to admit that I was hoping for a bigger difference. I find that the circular deep wrinkles on my neck look maybe a tiny tad less pronounced- however they are still there! Maybe I am more a candidate for Grade 5- the even stronger version? What do you say? Well, it took me 41 years to get these deep wrinkles, maybe 14 days are simply not enough time to get rid of them. ;-)

Check out Fillerina on their website for more questions! Fillerina is also available at Dermstore & Skin store.

Disclaimer: I received the products mentioned above for free. All opinions are my own. Read my full disclosure.